Living room interior: 16 sq m in modern style

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The owner of this 16 square meter living room in a modern style has always dreamed of living in an old house in the center of the capital. That is why modern solutions are intertwined here with retro accessories: old chiming clocks easily coexist with plastic furniture, stucco molding – with custom-made joinery. The interior of the living room – photos in a modern style are presented in our selection – looks fresh and airy thanks to light fabrics and a lot of sunlight. We offer to evaluate modern ideas on the example of an actual and personalized design project.

Vika Bogorodskaya

The interior of the living room, designed in a modern style, is filled with juicy, cheerful details: in the design of the sixteen meter living room, there was a place for both bright patterns and actual plastic items.

Before the renovation, the interior of this 16 sq m living room was a sample of devastation: the black ceiling and the pile of furniture made it difficult to see the potential of the room. But the future mistress also noticed the strengths – in particular, as many as three windows. For sixteen meters, this is an unusual situation. In the photo, the modern ideas implemented by the owner look completely different: it is now difficult to guess the dark past in the stylish interior.

Vika Bogorodskaya

The secret of a successful interior is that the owner had the perfect image of the living room shown in the photo. The main ideas for a living room of 16 sq m in a modern style were found immediately, and then it was only necessary to fill the space with details. The colors typical for Moscow living rooms, burgundy and green, played in a new way thanks to decorative inserts with wallpaper and panels.

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A bright ottoman with a roller pillow instead of a back and an armrest is complemented by a fiery red plastic coffee table.

Vika Bogorodskaya

The doors of all rooms in the apartment, including the living room, converge in the hall – it can be seen in the photo. The design of the living room combines the functionality of a dining room and relaxation areas. One of the bright, textured elements in the room is an antique oak sideboard. Later, striking clocks appeared in the interior of the modern living room.

Vika Bogorodskaya

To hint at the age of the building, the design of the living room was supplemented with plaster stucco molding. The impressive height of the ceilings in the living room of 16 sq m was almost preserved: the level was only slightly lowered so that lay waterproofing and level the surface.

Vika Bogorodskaya

Vika Bogorodskaya

One of the trends in 2016 in the design of the living room is the combination of mismatched chairs near the dining table. In this striking project, the owner made friends with the creations of a modern design star Philippe Starck with replicas of Viennese chairs.
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