Moscow hosts the 4 Ceramics festival

Moscow hosts the 4 Ceramics festival

On the last winter weekend, February 29 – March 1, Danilovsky Event Hall in Moscow opened its hospitable doors to guests and participants of the 7th Ceramics Festival 4 Ceramics.

Volumetric-spatial composition

On the eve of the International Women’s Day on March 8, ceramic artists from all over Russia and neighboring countries presented their works. The exhibition is attended by 98 authors, among whom there are well-known masters and young young authors. Artists work in a variety of genres, techniques and materials, striving to express their vision of the world, their dreams and experiences.

Thus, the works of a young but already very famous artist from St. Petersburg Anastasia Charina express her concern for the state of the environment. The author encourages us to think about the fact that our sky is filled with smoke, roadsides and coastlines are littered with debris, that nature is suffocating, and resources are depleted.

Natalia Kostrova is a famous artist from Nizhny Novgorod. Her creative range is very wide – abstract sculpture, vases, figured compositions, small plastic, jewelry, all things look very modern, fresh and expressive.

Irina Bobylkova, another author from Nizhny Novgorod, creates surprisingly textured, warm things, inspired by the charm of Russian peasant life and folk art. There are wonderful wall clocks-rugs, and horse vases, and asymmetric plates with prints of lace, and little girls with wild berries sprouted on the lids.

Tatyana Brigadirova is a master of precise graphics, masterly depicting a nude model right on a ceramic layer. Expressive and generalized images are reminiscent of “hieroglyphs”, signs that carry a certain metaphorical image and meaning.
In addition, Tatiana masterly works with bone china, quite everyday objects created by her – cups, saucers, acquire the quality of modern sculpture.

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The creative union “Man with Wings” – artists from Krasnoyarsk Tatyana Eroshenko and Sergey Purtyan – do not just jewelry, but the so-called “wearable sculpture” or “wearableart”, that is, “wearable sculpture” or “wearable art”.

Exquisite and unique accessories from the team harmoniously emphasize the bright individuality of their owner and awaken hidden forces in him.



Petersburg master Veronika Sushko (@keramikanazakaz) creates porcelain tableware decorated with light watercolor drawings with delicate floral patterns. The authors are convinced that the main secret of success is passion: “We ourselves should like our dishes!” If so, then buyers will love it.

Ceramics by Alexandra Pylina



One of the most important components of the event, its non-commercial part, is the exhibition of ceramic installations, which is located on the first floor of the Danilovsky Event Hall.

This time, 34 installations are presented here. The largest composition was created by students of the New Ceramics School and its leader Tatiana Punans. As the name suggests, this white-painted installation, Moving Towards Spring, is dedicated to anticipating this wonderful time of year.


I would also like to note the work of Dina Terentyeva from Samara. The composition “The Earth is growing” symbolizes the constancy of the changes taking place in nature.

The composition “Stroke the Hypnoglyph”, created by Svetlana Osipova, is also in a sense dedicated to spring and nature. The composition consists of many streamlined figures. Their silky smooth surface makes them exceptionally pleasant to stroke. Tactile contact with hypnoglyph helps to have a relaxing effect, helps to find balance and harmony. According to the author, this tactile practice is especially useful in the spring.

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Another very significant section of the festival is materials and equipment for ceramics. This time 11 manufacturers / suppliers of ceramic materials presented their products – “Laboratory of Ceramics”, “Pottery World”, Artichoke Shop, “BrizKolor”, “”, “Workshop Nikodim” and others.

Within the framework of the festival, author presentations, master classes, lectures and round tables are held, where you can get new experience in working with materials, learn about modern world trends in creating decor and exchange life hacks. The company “Pottery World” is organizing a potters’ competition. The competition will take place on March 1 from 13:00 to 16:00 on the stage of the 4ceramics festival. There will be several tours of varying difficulty with interesting and creative tasks.

Hurry to see, buy ceramics and participate in contests!

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