Move aside! Make way for fun indoor roller coasters inside the house

10 важных моментов при обустройстве кухни на свежем воздухе

Did you like roller coaster riding as a child? Remember the thump in your belly when you fly down? And you, again and again, tirelessly climbed up the stairs, until suddenly the day began to quickly lean towards evening and it was time to rush home for dinner? This pleasure doesn’t have to end in front of the front door. and is not a purely childish privilege. Forward!

Chr DAUER Architects

A little pleasure
A ladder for the big ones and a slide for the little ones? From the playroom between the flights of stairs in this San Francisco home, a dwarf door opens directly onto a slide adjacent to the railing. Adults will have to queue up and take a deep breath to participate too. But then, in the literal sense of the word, you can’t stop!

The person playing: Play area in the nursery, which will appeal to adults

David Hotson Architect

The slide as an art object
And here what are your predictions – the way down will bring tremendous pleasure or will it become a “hellish descent”? This mega-slide is truly not for the faint of heart. She is in the city of superlatives in NYC. Like a giant silver snake, this monstrous spiral ramp hangs from the living room ceiling.

In addition to this, it also looks great, which owes to the mirrored surface and smooth bends of the pipe.

David Hotson Architect

This futuristic design could easily pass for a modern art
an object a la Carsten Höller (who, by the way, recently installed a 30-meter tower with a slide on the territory of the Vitra Campus complex in the German city of Weil am Rhein). So it is not surprising that the architect David Hotson has developed and implemented a lot of projects for museums, galleries and artists.

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Descent from the hill and after the first time does not become less exciting, because the mirror tunnel is completely closed. Having pushed off once, the only way remains – down.

David Hotson Architect

Below, David Hotson’s pipe smoothly turns into a large mirrored partition that visually separates the entrance area from the living room and delivers those who dare to go down it straight into the hallway.

And then, once again pushed into reality and pumped up with adrenaline, a person realizes that there is no other choice – just go upstairs again to experience it again!

Other designs by David Hotson with other eye-catching details

Inertia Residential Design

Two paths to one goal
One rolls down, the other goes. In parallel and, of course, simultaneously. In
in any case, it is quite possible on this spacious staircase in the home of a Canadian family. After all, only a minimal elevation separates the slide from the staircase steps in the neighborhood.

So that the one who rolls down does not accelerate much and, as in good old cartoons, does not leave an imprint of his body on the wall opposite, the carpet slightly dampens his excitement.

Again, anyone who thinks that he is too “slowed down”, just take a plastic bag and accelerate more on the next descent.

The Turett Collaborative

Gutter convertible
Slightly simpler than the David Hotson model, but also a striking metal construction that would be perfectly suited for an exciting playground. This open-air slide is perfect for those who like to feel the adrenaline rush without losing sight of the city skyline.

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The Turett Collaborative

Sundays Design

Steel classic
Compared to its fancy predecessors, this traditional slide in one Norwegian house offers a Scandinavian descent
simple and calm.

A convenient approach from the staircase leads to the descent; the model of the Norwegian manufacturer Sunday Design is located parallel to the stairs and does not take up too much space in the room.

Allen-Guerra Architecture

Winding descent
Is it snowing again in ski paradise Colorado? That’s great, because this means that today the whole gang of children from the playground will gather in front of the red children’s slide in this modernly designed family residence. If some dashing turns are not enough for someone, he can simply look at the ceiling: there are thousands of small reflections of light from a mirror ball dancing there, enhancing the effect of a spiral descent.

The issue of safety in case of a crush of a large number of fans down the hill has also been thought out. The brightly painted stair railings contain the fervor of impatient descent candidates and direct traffic on the right track.

Jenn Hannotte / Hannotte Interiors

Small slide and great fun
This is all too cumbersome, and you don’t want to rebuild the whole house for some kind of slide, then start small and please your little ones with a wonderful red slide for small children. like this cute nursery in Toronto.

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Does your house or apartment have a slide? For children or for all family members? Share your stories and photos in the comments section!


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