Not toys: decorating a children’s room

Not toys: decorating a children's room

Not toys: decorating a children's room


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    • Simply space!

    • Sea Sea

    • African safari

  • What is inside?

    • A room with a secret

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    • Original storage systems

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    • Little Princess

    • Grandmother’s granddaughter

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  • Choosing a material

    • Plywood

    • Old and new

    • Environmentally friendly

Children’s room interior design is a special art. It should combine convenience, practicality, ergonomics and aesthetics in an environment where the child grows and changes by leaps and bounds. And yet the most beautiful children’s rooms are those in which happy children live. Our big inspiration review contains the best modern ideas for a nursery.

Travel dreams

Simply space!

Over the 60 years that have passed since the flight of Yuri Gagarin, space has become much more explored and accessible (in a visual sense). Children still dream of space travel, star wars and intergalactic flights, even if their idol today is not Yuri Gagarin, but Elon Musk.


Of course, there is no point in turning the nursery into a scenery for science fiction films. It is enough to add a few interesting “cosmic” details to the interior: a dark sky with star lamps, futuristic wallpaper, flickering lighting and (ideally) a telescope by the window.


Sea Sea

Marine style is another popular method for decorating a nursery today. Cabins are conducive to the development of creative imagination through play, because, being in such a cockpit, children are happy to think of where their “ship” will dock today: to exotic islands with pirates or an abandoned fort. The creation of such fantasy worlds is necessary for the disclosure of children’s creativity.


In the “ship” room will be appropriate nautical palette (blue, light blue, white, aqua), wood in shades of deck boards, textiles with anchors and lifebuoys, hanging ropes.


African safari

Palm trees, exotic animals, distinctive natives – the design of a children’s room can be like this. To bring such an idea to life, you will need themed wallpapers or photo panels, wicker furniture, textiles and decor with ethnic motives. The atmosphere will be created by handmade wooden toys, live or artificial plants or even a real hammock.


The idea is especially relevant for northern latitudes, where childhood dreams and dreams of hot countries take on special meaning.


What is inside?

A room with a secret

A wardrobe is like a door to Narnia, a mezzanine is like a portal to a parallel world – a children’s room with a secret is always more preferable than just a nursery. A secret passage is a great way to connect two spaces, for example, a nursery with a nursery, or a playroom with a bedroom.


It is better to consider such a solution in the early stages of design. An experienced designer will help you think over the layout and logistics.


House in the house

“I’m in the house!” – a phrase familiar to all of us from a young age. It is not surprising that the house as a symbol of play and fun is a frequent element of children’s rooms. It is not so important whether the house is part of a bed or a separate structure for games – this secluded corner will become a favorite place that the child will remember with warmth when he grows up.



The Indian hut is one of the main characters of modern nurseries. An uncomplicated structure of slats and fabric can be made independently or ordered from an online store. You can find a model with removable textiles – a great solution if the material gets dirty or if the young traveler wants to change the color accents in the room.


Original storage systems

Storage systems are a painful point in the space of a child’s room. They are always overcrowded, and sometimes you have to spend more than one day to revise and put things in order.

Today, so-called hidden storage systems are especially popular – they are built into the wall and usually do not have handles. The contents of such cabinets and shelves are always hidden and do not disturb the harmony of space.


Another option is spectacular storage systems that look more like toys or fabulous decorations. You will not want to stuff such wardrobes with dolls, constructors or clothes to refusal – this place is intended only for the most beloved outfits, toys or books.


By script


The first room for the baby, as a rule, is located next to the parent’s bedroom or right in it. This is a gentle, pacifying space, where there are no bright colors and strong contrasts, and all textures envelop and lull.


You can design such a room yourself, taking inspiration from the best design options available on the web, or order a project from a professional.


Little Princess

Today, gender stereotypes are skeptical, but there are still many girls who dream of feeling like Sleeping Beauty or the Princess and the Pea. A delicate nursery in pink tones, with floral patterns and laces can look like both a Barbie’s room and a Thumbelina’s house inside a flower bud – of course, if the girl herself approves of this decision.


Grandmother’s granddaughter

Patchwork bedspreads, floral wallpaper, Provence wood furniture or shabby chic – in such a bedroom young Tatiana Larina or one of the Bennett sisters from Pride and Prejudice could read novels in such a bedroom. Such a design of a children’s room is especially appropriate in country wooden houses and dachas. The design of a nursery in a private house is usually different from an urban one, so in search of examples for inspiration, you can go to foreign sites dedicated to country houses.



A modern children’s room for a mischievous teenager is an unpredictable and often frightening space for parents. A child with character, perhaps, himself wants to equip the room to his liking – you should not interfere with this. Let it have graffiti, posters, a collection of skateboards on the walls. The interior is an important way of self-expression, and a little hooliganism is strictly allowed here.


Business man

Today, some children earn more than their parents – this has become possible thanks to the development of the Internet, social networks and services like Youtube. Small entrepreneurs who are no longer interested in playing with toys will like a strict room – of course, not as strict as Dad’s office, but definitely without frivolous colorful wallpaper and cabinets bursting with toys.



If the child has not yet understood whether he is drawn into space, on a sea voyage or into the fairy-tale world of Disney, you can arrange the nursery as neutral as possible. For this, the classic Scandinavian style is suitable: a light natural palette, natural textiles, wooden textures. Over time, a calm space will begin to live its own life – drawings on the walls, toys, books, hobby kits, an aquarium or a cage with a hamster will appear.


Choosing a material


One of the most relevant and budget materials for decorating a nursery is simple plywood. Such options for a children’s room are increasingly found in interiors decorated by designers. Furniture made of plywood is environmentally friendly, it is easy to assemble and dismantle, and it is also not so a pity to find drawings with a felt-tip pen or experiments on decoupage on it.


Plywood nursery in a project by BIGO Architects: see our overview article for details.

Old and new

The modern design of the children’s room is not limited by anything. In this space, you can experiment with your child – for example, buy and repaint antique furniture or make individual items yourself. The main thing is to strike a balance in the use of modern, vintage and homemade elements. Then the result is a unique and stylish childhood dream.


Environmentally friendly

The design of a children’s room in a modern style is not only about the visual part, but also about safety. It is important to remember that it is better to use environmentally friendly materials in the decoration: natural wood, paper wallpaper, safe floor coverings (for example, laminate without harmful resins), as well as non-toxic paints.


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