Party etiquette: 10 tips for hosts and guests

10 важных моментов при обустройстве кухни на свежем воздухе

All these invitations, cards with the names of guests, calls and sms so many nuances! In modern rules of etiquette at a party, it is easy to get confused for both hosts and guests. We have collected 10 important rules of etiquette at a party and with guests: from ideas for gifts to hosts (a good book is better than flowers) to useful details (for example, plates for bones), which are best not to forget about when preparing a festive table.

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1. Pay attention to invitations and responses to them
Send invitations ahead of time (paper, digital, or phone) so guests can get ready. Immediately clarify how formal your event will be, what time it will end and where it will take place. Send your guests a detailed address – this way it is more convenient to find it using the navigator.

If you are a guest, you must respond to the invitation as soon as possible. If you have changed plans, be sure to warn the host of the party in advance. It’s better than just not coming to the party where you are expected. This also applies to meetings in everyday life – it is always better to discuss all the details of the invitation at once.

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2. Don’t come too early
Of course, holiday etiquette says that it is advisable to arrive at the party closer to the beginning (about 15 minutes), but by no means earlier! At this time, the owners are still running around the house in a bustle, cooking and cleaning at the last moment; and until they have finished preparing themselves, they have no time to meet an early arriving guest. Especially if he came with flowers for which you still need to find a vase (see point 3).

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3. Come to the party with gifts, but do not burden the hosts with them
An unusual book with beautiful illustrations, a miniature bouquet of flowers in a vase, a basket of fresh fruits that you have grown in your garden, a candle or scented soap, a pretty kitchen towel – such gifts are always nice to receive. However, the hosts won’t be too happy if they have to flip the entire kitchen in search of a suitable vase for the bouquet you brought with you to the party.

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4. Offer help and help
Of course, it will be better if you not only offer, but really help the hosts set the table. Instead of a very abstract question How can I help you?to which the host is likely to answer negatively, ask openly: What exactly can I help with now?

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5. Offer a good alternative to alcoholic beverages
Not everyone drinks alcohol, so even if you’re preparing your best signature cocktail for a party, consider some equally outstanding non-alcoholic options. Make sure to serve them along with the rest of your drinks so that guests have a choice and don’t have to contact you about it.

If you are making a large volume cocktail or making an alcoholic punch, be sure to label the containers so that guests do not confuse alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

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6. Take care of the trash
Place bowls for bones, shrimp tails, nut shells, and seashells.
Few people want to run around the house with trash in hand in search of a trash bin. Save your guests from this inconvenience by placing such bowls next to a plate of food. You can also be the first to throw the bones into them so that guests can follow your example. If you are a party guest, find a litter bowl before grabbing food.

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7. Observe table etiquette
Leave the nameplates for the dinner party: if the party is small, you don’t need to do this, but at a long table it can be difficult to know who should sit where – the nameplates of the guests will make things much easier. Try seating couples in different parts of the table and seating quieter guests next to the talkers to liven up the party.

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8. Put your phone aside
Of course, at a crowded cocktail party or open house, it’s okay to check your phone notifications. But at any party, it is advisable to just turn off the sound and move the phone away. And at a dinner party? Don’t even take your phone out of your bag!

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When you have an urgent need to stay in touch during a party, tell your guests directly. Apologize sincerely, explain in a nutshell why you need to answer a call or message urgently, and politely leave the table.

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9. Make sure everything is in place in the bathroom and toilet.
Each of us hopes this never happens – nothing is worse when, in the midst of a party (ominous music playing), we run out of toilet paper! Before the party, check if everything is in place: a few rolls of paper, soap, hand towels. It also does not hurt to put plunger, scented candles and sticks in the bathroom and toilet.

The only surefire way to hang toilet paper. Probably…

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10. Don’t panic about stains
Always remove stains smartly, calmly and with a touch of humor. It’s a good idea to have a stain remover handy at the party beforehand. If you spill a drink on the owner’s item, offer to pay for dry cleaning or buying a new item if you spoil it.

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How do you organize parties and family gatherings? Do you have your own life hacks on how to make life easier for yourself and your guests?

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