Peace of mind: How to equip a small living room?

Маскировка: 12 способов спрятать кухню в гостиной

Apartment without living room a rarity even for small housing. On the one hand, the name itself hints at the reception of guests; on the other hand, in this room you can find a lot of activities even in splendid isolation. Even those of us who are used to meeting friends in neutral territory want to arrange a small space for ourselves. Arrange a corner for the TV area, arrange books, separate the living room from the common space in the studio apartment apartment owners all over the world are solving the same problems. We’ve rounded up some of the best Houzz ideas for you to consider. What if the answer to your questions has already occurred to someone in Finland or, for example, in Japan?


USA: transparent furniture
If you have big plans for the living room, and there is not so much space in it, choose furniture from materials that look weightless. glass and plastic that do not overload the space.

Despite the variety of furnishings, this US living room doesn’t look cluttered. thanks in large part to the transparent chairs at the dining table.

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Delphine Guyart Design

France: chairs instead of a sofa
If you are used to spending evenings in solitude or one-on-one, consider whether you need a bulky sofa? Two armchairs in soft upholstery and a coffee table in a small living room look much more intimate and cozy than a voluminous sofa, which was purchased only because it is so customary.

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Maurizio Giovannoni Architetto

Finland: self-expression in color
Those who do not like bland interiors usually face a dilemma: how to decorate a living room, but not turn it into a warehouse of accessories in a limited area? This Finnish project provides a simple answer: despite the restraint characteristic of Scandinavians, bright colors bring variety to the interior.

Textured wallpaper, rich shade of the sofa upholstery, multi-colored furniture and textiles form the optimistic character of the living room. And all of this without additional shelves and unnecessary accessories that collect dust.


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Juliette byrne

Great Britain: for welcome guests
Regular home meetings on the contrary, there is a reason to set aside the main space of the living room for the soft zone. In a small room, sofas and armchairs can be placed around the perimeter, and a coffee table (preferably even several) can be made the center of the composition.

By the way, when arranging a very small living room, it is logical to abandon the front door and even the interior walls, combining the room with the main space of the apartment. The zoning line in this case can be the borders of the carpet, as in our example from the UK.

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Decor & Design

Russia: magnification with a mirror
In a small living room, where there is a sofa for relaxation, storage systems, and, often, a dining table, you want to leave as much free space as possible, but how if the space is occupied by furniture?

We offer to increase the living room visually for example, using a mirror built into a niche. This technique works flawlessly: the reflection creates the illusion that the room continues behind the mirrored panel. So that the blende does not look too artificial, and you do not have to select an entire wall under the mirror, place any large piece of furniture like a sideboard or a rack in front of the mirror; a large picture in a frame is also suitable.

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The room studio

Spain: optical illusions
A sensible alternative to a mirror is a photo wallpaper with a perspective: a road going into the distance or architectural forms will stretch the space indefinitely. To emphasize the reception, in our Spanish example, the accent wall around the perimeter was decorated with LED backlighting.

An important detail: watch in which direction you increase the space. If you arrange a narrow partition in this way, the living room will look like a carriage.

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hoo Interior Design & Styling

China: saving minimalism
It has long been noticed: furniture has not only real, but also visual weight, which depends on many factors – Rflowers, decorative elements and forms. This measurement is, of course, relative, but minimalist interiors usually look noticeably more spacious than counterparts designed in classics or other styles.

Light decoration of walls and floors, furniture of simple outlines and no unnecessary decor this scenario for a small living room was chosen in a project from Hong Kong. At the same time, the storage systems were built into a TV stand, which stretches along the room and connects to a low window sill, where you can equip additional seats.

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Louise de miranda

Holland: sliding doors for a single space
However, the living room, combined with the hall, a bold idea for our realities, especially during the off-season. Compromise option sliding doors with glazing between the two spaces: they will not allow street dirt to enter the living room, but due to the transparent canvas they will make the interior of the apartment more solid.

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Raumkleid | Anke preywisch

Germany: living room on the catwalk
In a studio apartment, the living room can be distinguished by a podium without losing square meters. Another option is to slightly change the shade of the finish at the border between the zones, for example, combine gray and white plaster. In our example from Germany, we used both techniques: the interior turned out to be more verified and geometric.

Rikki Snyder

USA: Priority to books
The problem of storing paper books does not become less urgent with the advent of the digital age: the family library wants to be placed not only compactly, but also noticeably whatever one may say, multi-colored roots create a special atmosphere in the living room. If there are really a lot of books, equip them with a spacious built-in closet to the ceiling, leaving an opening for a sofa or TV console, as in our American example.

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川 合 将 人

Japan: high security storage
How to make storage systems for a small living room not only reliable, but also stylish? The answer comes from Japan in the form of four multi-colored suitcases inscribed on the shelves of a low cabinet.

Shabby suitcases always bring an element of mischief into the interior, remind of travel however, if you collect as many as four copies, the accent runs the risk of turning into a home flea market. The wooden frame emphasizes the characteristic Japanese rigor in the placement of accessories, which, with such a system, are always in place and work as expressive storage systems.

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Italy: a coffee table with a secret
A lot has been said about the benefits and aesthetic component of retro accessories, but in a small living room, an old suitcase can solve two practical problems at once. Firstly, replace the coffee table and save your budget, and secondly, store magazines and useful little things, for which it is difficult to find a place in a small room.

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Denmark: sofa back to door
Sometimes in a small living room there are big problems with the arrangement of furniture: there is a door, there is a window, next to the second and there seems to be no room for a full-fledged headset.

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We suggest you take inspiration from an example from Denmark and orient the headset with its back to the front door. True, the technique will work only if there is a full passage behind the sofa. But this arrangement has an interesting psychological aspect: you and your guests seem to be fenced off from the rest of the space and get a private environment for conversation.

gosto design & lifestyle

Holland: mobile furniture
If you are used to hosting large companies, and your parties are not complete without karaoke and dancing, you should think about how to free up space if necessary. The easiest option have a coffee table on wheels and light armchairs in addition to the sofa. When the languid tea-drinking ends and the real holiday begins, you can clean the center of the room from furniture with a light movement and have fun without fear that the guests will leave bruised.

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Lago Design

Italy: plus a hundred points for comfort
Original decorative scripts can also be borrowed from Italian design. The owners of the neutral living room decorated the walls with soft pillows – the same ones that they put on the sofa. This technique works not only for the wow effect, but also looks unusually cozy: who wants to leave the living room, where pillows hug him on all sides?


Sweden: additional lighting from above
A good question is how to arrange lighting in a small room. Single ceiling light taboo for limited space: deep shadows from a light source will not add comfort to the living room. If there is simply nowhere to put the floor lamp, lower the additional lighting from the walls or ceiling, and, in order not to hide the wires, play with expressive external wiring.

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Japan: the study as an extension of the living room
An example of functional design in Japanese is a living room combined with an office, where the sofa and the writing table have a single frame. Built-in bottom shelves make it easy to store your home library, while the wooden armrests of the sofa or side shelves can hold, for example, a cup of tea while watching TV.


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How did you solve the problem of arranging furniture and decor in a small living room? Share your experiences and photos!

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