Peace of mind: How to make a small bedroom comfortable

Фотоохота: Кровать зажата между шкафами — и красиво

Let it be small, but separate! This is how most of us would answer the question of whether a small apartment needs an isolated bedroom. At the same time, the list of tasks that have to be solved when arranging a compact recreation space is striking in scale. It is not enough to put a bed in the middle of the room and hang a chandelier over it. Chances are you’ll want to read in the bedroom. which means that you will have to think about proper lighting, storage of clothes and even the opportunity to stay behind closed doors in order to be alone with yourself. We decided to turn to world experience: how these problems are solved in different countries from Spain to China.

Oksana Oleinik

Russia: Useful window sills
In your pursuit of helpful solutions, don’t forget about the mood in the bedroom. If the room is needed not only for sleeping, but also for evening leisure. Set up a compact lounge area – a window sill will come in handy for this purpose. Before you cover it with pillows and bring a book, make sure that the windowsill can withstand such loads. If you have doubts about the strength of the structure, it is better to strengthen it in advance: replace the polyurethane foam with a building mixture, and ideally, mount gypsum plasterboard or wood supports under the windowsill.

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Austral masonry

Australia: Pendant Lights to Save Space
In a small bedroom, you have to save even on bedside tables. To free up countertops, consider the location of the pendant lights during the renovation phase. Not ready for large-scale work? Look for models with external wiring: Open wires have a certain industrial charm.

And a very simple alternative fix the lamps on the clips on the headboard. True, there is a risk of damaging the frame, but it is also reduced by clamps with a rubber inner layer.

Beyond Beige Interior Design Inc.

Canada: Using Walls
In small bedrooms, very often there is not enough space for clothes, books, bedding. If you are not a supporter of bare walls, then you can solve the issue of storage using the environment method. Come up with a convenient arrangement of shelves or cabinets around and above the bed for you – you can use different walls of the room.

Italy: Experimenting with a headboard
In a small narrow bedroom, sometimes you have to look for a special place to store small things. You can experiment and make a headboard from boards of different heights. To them (unlike a standard headboard), you can attach small shelves, attach hooks and various holders.

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Tip: storage on an impromptu headboard can be organized both from the outside and from the inside (for this, it is enough to move the bed a little from the wall and get “not extra” centimeters for useful storage).

Núria Moreras

Spain: Using a storage radiator
With a radiator installed under the window, everything is more or less clear: there is a window sill above it, which is often and quite reasonably used as additional storage space. But what if the radiator is mounted on the wall? The Spaniards propose to equip a narrow false window sill above it: this way you will have an additional shelf for decoration.

Chris Dyson Architects

Whitstable Island Interiors

UK: Multifunctional headboard
The space around the headboard should not be empty, the British are sure. If it is difficult to find space for bookshelves and hangers in a small bedroom, try fitting storage compartments in the headboard or mounting voluminous shelves above it (if it is adjacent to the wall) and the once useless space will start working in your favor.

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France: Clothes on wall hooks
If there is no room in the bedroom for a built-in wardrobe or even a chest of drawers, you will have to turn to open storage systems. In most cases, metal rails are installed in the bedroom, but to save space, they can be replaced with permanently mounted wall hooks.

Lisa Reck | Styling & Fotografie

Germany: Zoning a small bedroom
Place several functional areas in the bedroom no easy task. But what if the apartment no longer has space for a mini-office, and you definitely need it for work? The solution can be found in a minimalist Berlin project: here a narrow wardrobe separates the bedroom area from the work table. To make the border look more solid, it was emphasized by wall decoration and lush greenery that falls from the cabinet that separates the zones.

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hoo Interior Design & Styling

China: The intricacies of access
Access to the bed must be free for both spouses this interior axiom can be neglected if you sleep alone, but for convenience you prefer a double bed. Designers from Hong Kong propose a scenario for a narrow room: mount voluminous wardrobes along the wall, and fit the bed into the remaining space across the room.

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The New Design Project

USA: Choose a bed without a footboard
Continuing the topic of access to bed, Americans advise choosing beds without a footboard if you have no choice but to push the bed into a corner. In New York, where this compact white bedroom is located, they are well aware of how to work with small rooms: the second nightstand did not fit. replace it with small and safe hanging shelves. And everything will fall into place!

Vedum Kök & Bad

Sweden: Transparent partition instead of a wall
Is the small bedroom cramped and uncomfortable? Swedish designers offer a radical solution to the problem – to demolish the wall and replace it with a sectional partition. If space allows, choose a tall wardrobe instead of a partition: it will not only create a feeling of privacy in the bedroom, but also serve as storage.

Sweden: Self-expression through textiles
In the homeland of IKEA, minimalism is welcomed when working with small spaces. The Swedes are sure: it is important not so much to express yourself in the work on the room, but to make it light and comfortable. White walls, minimal furniture, open storage systems we believe that you already know a lot about the basics of the Scandinavian style. But even the Swedes have a loophole: you can really take your soul away when choosing bed linen and fabrics. Wood texture on pillowcases, white swans, cartoon characters patterned textiles are easy to replace to spice up the mood in the bedroom.


Denmark: Library on the cabinet
Do not neglect the distance between the ceiling and the closet if you still managed to place the latter in the bedroom. In this Danish project, a pier was used to house part of the home library. It is wise to raise books to such a height that you do not plan to refer to every month. And if the idea of ​​books that collect dust, whatever one may say, does not seem too good to you, put drawers of out-of-season clothes or extra blankets on the closet.

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