Personal experience: How a young family can live with their parents and keep themselves

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When I was 20, I firmly knew: I will get married we will live separately. Today I am 27, I am married, I managed to give birth to a child, and we live with my parents. Now I want to tell you why there are more advantages than disadvantages in this, and how to turn the life of two families together into a pleasant and useful neighborhood.

After it became clear that with a small child in my arms I simply could not cook, clean, work from home, remain sweet and patient – and do all this in a rented apartment without the usual level of comfort, we accepted the invitation of our parents and moved to him. We got my ex-nursery (20 meters) with its own bathroom. In fact, we formed a mini-apartment, which we were free to equip to our liking.

Alisa Golovanova

1. A place to sleep
Initially, my nursery had a transforming bed of one and a half width and a folding pouf. He miraculously approached the length and height of the bed – we got a huge sleeping place, on which the three of us can easily fit. All joints and irregularities are covered by the topper thin mattress pad with elastic bands. If desired, the pouf can be easily folded back, and the bed can be turned into a sofa.

Alisa Golovanova

2. Corner for a newborn
Previously, my favorite red chest of drawers stood in place of the crib – I had to get rid of it because the crib “did not fit”. The mirror was not removed from the wall, and I am very glad about it – it gave us half an hour of morning sleep: waking up, the baby communicates with his reflection and allows us to sleep.

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My old books slid off the shelves next to the bed, and in their place were baskets with baby clothes and hygiene items.

Alisa Golovanova

3. Wardrobe
The hardest part was finding a place for my husband’s belongings. Although he doesn’t have that many, I still had to revise my wardrobe and free up a small locker for him (more, honestly, it didn’t work out). In order to somehow make this cabinet more fun, we attached a touch-sensitive light inside. The husband often leaves for work when we sleep, and now he does not have to turn on the overhead light, taking things out of the closet.

Alisa Golovanova

4. Place to work
Of course, my former nursery had a full-fledged workplace, but I still don’t have time to sit at the computer for a long time. When there is a free minute, I sit down with a laptop where this minute found me. And in the parental home, there is a rule: do not put computers and all sorts of gadgets on the dining table. Therefore, in order to be able to work from the kitchen, we ordered such a computer table on wheels from the master.

Alisa Golovanova

5. Personal space
Some tricks allowed us to preserve traditions dear to our hearts. For example, when we lived together, in the morning we left notes to each other in the kitchen. Now we share the kitchen with our parents, so we got a message board like this one that hangs in our private bathroom.

Alisa Golovanova

6. Life hacks
I like to read before going to bed, and if we lived separately, I would probably go with a book to the next room so as not to wake the sleeping child. But so far, a simple solution has been found in the form of a reading light, which is attached to a book. I love this thing!

Alisa Golovanova

In the first months, we had to swing the baby a lot, therefore, in order not to go crazy, we came up with the idea of ​​watching movies in the process of motion sickness on a tablet, which was fixed on a photo tripod. It’s great that you can adjust the height and carry this structure around the house.

Alisa Golovanova

Restrictions in life “for two families”
Of course, we also encountered some inconveniences. Thin walls and being in neighboring bedrooms with our parents do not allow us to properly yell at each other when it is simply vital – we have to control ourselves.

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When you quietly sneak into the kitchen at night for a sandwich, you need to be prepared for a sudden meeting. And all the changes in the design and interior have to be coordinated with my mother – I even approve the frame for the photo with her in advance, so that later it does not turn out that it does not fit into the interior at all.

Alisa Golovanova

A huge amount of toys, children’s and our things in a small area greatly complicates the cleaning process. Therefore, we learned how to immediately wash the dishes. And we try to clean up all this “childish” mess before my mother stumbles upon it. It does not allow you to relax you have to keep yourself in good shape all the time. They say that when you live with a small child, a pile of dishes in the sink is an inevitable companion. And we, and in this, consider ourselves lucky.

Alisa Golovanova

With our appearance, so many jackets and coats began to accumulate in the hallway that we made separate hooks for each of us.

Alisa Golovanova

But all these little things more than compensate for my mother’s delicious dinners, cozy evenings in the living room, when my parents and I watch Downton Abbey, and simply invaluable help with the child (we save on the nanny and can go to the cinema at night, leaving the sleeping baby under the watchful eye of the grandmother).

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Of course, we plan to move to our own apartment and live independently. I know that psychologists do not advise starting a family life with parents, but it seems to me that if everyone feels comfortable and understands that this is a temporary solution, then why not? My parents say they are happy to see their beloved grandson growing before their eyes. And we are happy that he grows up in a friendly, loving family, where everyone is ready at any time to come to the aid of another.

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