Psychology: Are you bored or … just cold?

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In late autumn and winter, we traditionally plunge into seasonal depression. And we also traditionally blame the dullness outside the window for all the troubles of the world – including our own blues. Psychologists have long confirmed that the temperature and light level on the street and inside the house directly affect our psyche. But for some reason there is an abyss between knowledge and action. Here’s how changing a couple of light bulbs and managing the temperature in your home can help you easily deal with the seasonal blues.

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Are you warmer or colder?
A decrease or increase in air temperature by just a few degrees can directly affect our psychological state in one direction or another. It is well known that fear, stress and frustration can increase nervous excitement and lower the temperature by several degrees, especially on the face. And pleasant positive feelings contribute to a rise in temperature. (Salazar-Lopez et al., 2015).

Moreover, it is known that we are able to empathize in this regard: if we understand that someone has cold hands, then our hands can also get cold.

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But the reverse situation has not been studied so well, but nevertheless we also have some information: everything works in exactly the same way. As soon as the temperature rises a little, our mood improves.

Surely you yourself have felt similar effects on your own experience: who has never had such a thing that you come home from work – and you want to take a warm bath. Not just a bath, but a warm and longer one. According to psychologists from Yale (Bargh, 2012), people who experience feelings of loneliness and boredom tend to take a warmer bath, longer in time, and more often than people who do not experience such feelings. Psychologists summed up that by doing so we would try to compensate for the social warmth we lack. The feeling of social isolation makes us cool.

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Another study found that employees with warm hands (given special heating pads) experienced higher company loyalty and greater job satisfaction (Geoffrey Ho, 2012). And vice versa, after a couple of cups of iced coffee, people began to treat others with coolness and even a little unfriendly.

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Are you lighter or darker?
It is no secret that some people like to work in well-lit rooms, while the muse comes to others in semi-dark basements. Personally, I belong to the first group: it doesn’t work for me at all in the dark, and I just have to turn on more light “immediately, cheerfulness appears, and the desire to do something.

It turns out that all this is due to changes in the activity of brain waves – depending on the type of lighting. If in one room lighting of a mixed type is made (when the light is directed in different directions and directed and diffused), and in another room lighting of a direct type is made (when the light is directed from a source to objects), then you can find out that in the first case people feel more relaxed and cool. These rooms are more pleasant to be in, compared to spaces with direct light sources (Shin et al., 2015). Well, then choose the conditions in which you work more efficiently: when you are relaxed and enjoying the coolness, or when your activity is increased in a warm atmosphere.

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All these things affect us, of course, unconsciously: this is how our brain works. In most cases, we cannot consciously control these functions. But nevertheless – and why I am now writing about it on Houzz – we can use knowledge of psychology and physiology to our advantage when we plan premises or our activities in them.

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If you are an interior designer or planning your own renovation, try using different types of lighting, not only because it looks good, but also taking into account the functional purpose of the room. From this point of view, it makes sense to make mixed lighting in the living room and install additional heat sources when it comes to cold climates. Because in this room we receive guests, communicate and, in theory, it would be nice to experience friendliness, social activity and relaxation at the same time.

You can try treating visitors to your stand at the exhibition with hot drinks, thereby contributing to their formation of a more positive image of your company. Well, if you want to slow down your feelings, cool drinks and air conditioners will come to the rescue.

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