Psychology: How to survive the New Year holidays with dignity

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Personally, during the New Year holidays, three things always tire me: receiving the same congratulations by SMS mailing for 100 people and the endless Groundhog Day – an excessive amount of food and fuss. How to cope with all this for the psyche of a normal person? In short, the answer is: “Smile and wave.” And the details on how to spend the New Year’s holidays without unnecessary damage – hereinafter.

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Those who are just as annoyed and disturbed by the endless visits of guests to you and you – to them – prepare as much as possible for everything in advance and then just rest and use the “blanks”. This also applies to food and gifts, and everything that accompanies the active holding of the New Year holidays.

If guests are coming to you, be sure to think over and plan the treat: what, where, how much. Call helpers, use disposable tablecloths and dishes: now there is a huge selection of worthy items with New Year’s decor. The main thing is to get ready in advance so that you do not have to rush to the supermarket for napkins on the morning of January 2.

Advice: Do not strive to be remembered by guests for the most amazing cake, clean the apartment in the cleanest way. Reconsider your expectations and aspirations – it will make it easier for you.


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I am especially worried about this topic, but every year I persuade myself to come to terms: yes, perhaps during the holidays I will gain a couple of kilograms. But on the other hand, I will not spoil the holiday for myself and my family with my “diet”.

Return to your normal meal plan as soon as the opportunity presents itself, no need to wait for the start of business days or next Monday. Do this as soon as you notice that you have gone a little off the path that you have been following lately.


Don’t “abuse”
I will not carry out anti-alcohol propaganda now: for many people it is normal to drink a glass of wine once a month, someone cannot do without evening alcohol at all – we are all different.

A couple of glasses of wine may improve your mood, but the effect is temporary. Generally, alcohol acts as a depressant and when it is gone from your body, do not be surprised to find yourself sad. This is true for those who are going through hard times: alcohol is not a means to solve possible problems in a relationship or at work. And definitely not the best way to properly spend 10 days of vacation.

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More spontaneity
During the New Year period, all sorts of unplanned things happen – this is the specificity of this time. And people naturally want to take control of the situation – it’s calmer this way. Any deviation from the familiar scenario results in panic. We try to impose a familiar scenario on our loved ones and subconsciously resist any spontaneity. And in vain!

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For example, like this: “In my family, my parents and I always celebrated the New Year in a narrow family circle. What have your relatives who have come from here? They shouldn’t be. We, too, should celebrate the new year only this way and no other way. ” Often, such a tough position leads to quarrels and hassle that you do not need at all – neither on New Year’s, nor in general in life.

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To avoid this trap, discuss your traditions beforehand. It’s okay to have some kind of family tradition. And it is also perfectly normal if the traditions of the “daughter” family differ from the traditions of the “parental” family. It would also be nice to have an idea of ​​the traditions of other families where you were invited to celebrate the New Year.

Houzz call: Share your New Years traditions

Advice: Try it differently. Not the opposite, but in a unique way. There are family scenarios, there are anti-scenarios, and there is also its own development path, right?

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More activity
Reduced physical activity plays an important role in fatigue from long holidays. Think for yourself: shops can be closed, it’s cold, friends have left at all, taking this opportunity, you don’t need to go to work either.

The best antidepressant is activity. A walk in the fresh air, sports, a trip out of town, something else that will make you move more. It will also make you feel better mentally. It is especially difficult for mobile children to be locked up – get involved in children’s outdoor games.

Advice: For those who are lonely at this time, your phone call or visit would also be very helpful. Think about who you can look to these holidays.

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For the most active: do not combine work and leisure
I understand perfectly well that you can get so bored with everything that you want to quickly return to the suddenly attractive mail (although a week ago you cursed the eternal twenty unanswered letters and the project never ending).

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Think carefully about why you are going to do this. From boredom and low mood? Then it is better to read the previous paragraph again. If you are not a freelancer, then working on New Year’s holidays will only add extra stress for you. And if you work piece-work, still allow yourself to rest for at least a few days, because you already worked this whole year on an irregular schedule.

Tell us what you use to survive the New Year holidays? Are you using something similar to what I wrote about in this article? Do you pay attention to additional physical activity?

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