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What will you be wearing when you open the door to the courier with the package at 9 am on Saturday? If you are expecting a doctor, will you change your pajamas over your home trousers? If you plan on spending time all alone, will you be wearing a worn-out, stained T-shirt or something else? What, it would seem, is the difference to us, psychologists, in what you will be dressed at home: if only it is clean and without holes. But there is a difference!

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White robe effect
It turns out that what women and men walk at home is also important. I’ll tell you a story about a funny experiment (Hajo, Galinsky, 2012). The researchers took white lab coats, and one group of subjects was told that they were medical coats, and the other group that they were artists’ clothing. Then they asked me to put on robes and perform various tasks. And got the following results.

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  • Women and men who thought they were wearing doctor’s uniforms showed noticeably more attention to assignments than other subjects.
  • Those who performed tasks in clothes for artists did not demonstrate any special attention, or even an increased creative component, nothing.
  • Attention is noticeably increased only if the robe is worn on the person. If the robe is hanging in a closet nearby, it “does not work.”

Therefore, it was not only your grandmother who said that in decent shape nado even walk at home, suddenly someone unexpectedly comes. Psychologists have proven that by putting on clothes with a special symbolic meaning, you may well enhance the “effect” of the quality you need. The clothes you wear will “work” for you personally and influence those around you.

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How to change clothes and start keeping up with everything around the house
So what is is it better to walk at home? If we recall the experiment with gowns again, it becomes clear that it is not the clothes themselves, as such, that affect the value that we attach to them. For example, pajamas are associated with laziness, idleness, and illness, so you’re unlikely to feel a rush of activity and the urge to do a spring cleaning as long as you sit on the couch in your pajamas.

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Business activity is associated with a suit and a tie (or at least “work” clothes and makeup) – and why not, if you really need to pull yourself together and finish off all overdue deadlines. This is especially true for phone and skype conversations: even if your outfit is not visible, it makes an impression on you, and this gives you additional resources.

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Put on and take off your clothes mentally
Clothes can represent a certain social role for you, which you need to enter or, conversely, go out. In my practice, there was such a case: a client, a deputy chief physician, complained that at home she could not in any way switch from Marya Alexandrovna to just Masha. She constantly received calls from the department with urgent questions that she had to solve even on weekends and in the evenings. This method helped her a lot: when leaving work, imagine how she completely takes off her costume as a deputy chief physician (as well as her social role), and puts on a suit ordinary womanas soon as it crosses the hospital barrier. If she received a call from the department, she temporarily sketched the costume in her imagination, solved problems, and immediately got rid of this role.

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Working for others: seconds decide everything
Let me remind you that we are discussing home clothes, not office ones. TOWhat clothes to wear at home to achieve any communication goals? We make the first conclusion about other people very quickly, literally within a few seconds. And first of all, we focus on height and clothing. These conclusions may be wrong with a high degree of probability, but they have already been made – the first impression cannot be changed.

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This does not apply to your loved ones, who have known you as flaky for many years; they will no longer be able to be misled with some special robe (although, of course, this greatly depends on the robe). But for those who do not visit you as often, there are quite a few clever psychological tricks that can be applied.

So in how can you walk at home? TOWhich clothes to choose? If you want to impress a high-status or financially secure person (for example, guests or extended family), try meeting them in a polo shirt with a logo of a brand. The logo must be embroidered or sewn on, but not printed. It turns out that this really has an effect (Nelissen, Meijers, 2011).

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According to the same study, if you need to ask your neighbors for something, a sweater with a prominent logo will come to the rescue. Your chances of success will increase by as much as 50%.

What is better for a woman to wear at home, eIs it important to impress your husband’s partners? Change your sweater and pants for a dress. The simplest dress will impress guests more than a sweater and trousers. The skirt will work too, but the dress is still better. Hence the conclusion: whatever you do, you need to walk at home in suitable clothes. Dress for success – dress for success.

What else do you think you can wear to achieve your goals? V than you can walk at home designer, representatives of other professions? How do you choose your home clothes? Share your opinion in the comments section below the article.

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