Question: How to hide a bed in a studio apartment

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No matter how small the apartment is, you want to live in it like a human being. And even in “odnushka” (especially in “odnushka”) – sleep on the bed, and treat guests at the table, on comfortable chairs. Traditionally, we sacrifice a bed in favor of a sofa. Is it necessary? There are so many ways not to compromise.

Asya Mushroom

1. Put both a sofa and a bed in the room
Yes, that is also possible. And the room will not even turn into a “furniture warehouse” if you think over the arrangement correctly. That’s right – this is when there are no unnecessary objects on the way of the main movement, and all objects are co-scale with each other and the room.

Lares design

You can visually separate the sofa from the bed in dozens of ways: using an open rack, a screen, a stationary partition, curtains. Sometimes it is enough just to put the bed behind the back of a high sofa.

“Point of design”

Idea with a photo: with a sufficient room height, the bed can be raised to a high podium so that the gaze of the person sitting on the couch does not rest on the disassembled bed; besides, on the podium you can integrate deep drawers for storing bedding and seasonal items

First Light Studio

In the photo: if the room is small, the sleeping place can simply be closed with folding accordion shutters

There is a task: Bedroom in the living room

Terra diz

2. Buy a sofa bed but special
A clear and budget solution – it suggests itself. The sofa on which they slept was in almost every Soviet house. But ask anyone: you get enough sleep on it in a completely different way than on a modern mattress.

All you have to do is look for sofas not by form factor and beauty, but to compare the quality and orthopedics of their inner mattresses.

Imagine living

Today’s manufacturers promise that the quality of sleep on the anatomical sofa will not differ in the least from the quality of sleep on the bed. And even the mattress makers themselves are launching anatomical sofas (with the same independent springs and support zones inside).

Important: Choose a sofa for daily sleep in strict accordance with your individual parameters (height, weight, habits, comfort requirements).

Question: Which sofa to choose (out of 6 possible)

M&B Design Srls

3. Hide the bed in the closet
You can, of course, do it literally: arrange a sleeping place behind a section of sliding shelves, as in this photo, or with ordinary furniture facades.


But more often than not, when designers give such advice, they mean special bed designs: murphy beds or folding beds in the closet.

This solution has one important advantage: you can choose the mattress that you need – in terms of height, hardness indicators (and not the one offered by the sofa manufacturer). And the size of the berth may not be standard, but increased. And the sofa in this situation can be anything, even the most incredible shape, and not the one with the right folding bed.

When closed, the room has a sofa and a closed wardrobe. There is an empty space on the floor next to the cabinet. During the day, for example, there can be an area for children to play.

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Reena Sotropa In House Design Group

Since the sofa and the bed are not connected to each other, nothing prevents you from abandoning … the sofa. Replace it with whatever you want – a pair of armchairs or a rug with a pile of pillows. Or just a place to practice yoga, as in the photo.

If meters are sorely lacking, then the only room with a parental double bed and a children’s bunk bed looks cramped – another matter if the “adult” bed is raised and hidden in a rack. See how spacious the same interior looks with a tucked-in bed.

Reena Sotropa In House Design Group

Idea from the photo: a mirror is glued to the bottom of the rising bed – it visually enlarges the space of the room


In the photo: this room is 14 sq. m designers managed to place beds for three sisters at once. The sleeping place for one of the girls was placed on the podium, for the other two on the sides of the door, a structure with two full folding beds was designed

Niche Interiors

Idea with a photo: single folding beds can be placed not only vertically, but also horizontally, for example built into a low shelf unit in the office, as in the photo in this project

Niche Interiors

A wardrobe with a bed (read, a bed in the form of a wardrobe) will be an eyesore if it turns out to be the only dimensional object on the wall.

Exit: integrate it into the interior. Supplement with open shelves similar in design, a workplace. If you choose a universal color (for example, white or pastel), it is easy to combine it with any furniture, it is absolutely not necessary to buy the shelves that the manufacturer of folding beds offers. You can save money and make all the furniture to order for the room.

“Point of design”

4. Turn the whole room into a transformer
You don’t always want to sit on the couch and look at the closet in the living room. But then where to hide the bed? There are options when the bed can be hidden … behind the sofa. When open, the bed (with a fairly high berth) is lowered over the sofa. When closed, it rises behind its back and looks like a furniture facade with several shelves. In this version, you do not choose the sofa, but buy the set that the manufacturer offered.

Lisa & Leroy

Depending on the manufacturer, the set and characteristics of the furniture module vary. For example, in the Olissys model range there are options for beds in widths of 140, 160 and 180 cm, more than 30 options for fabrics for sofa upholstery and 10 options for colors and textures for facades (when the bed is folded) are offered.

Lisa & Leroy

They already have USB sockets and built-in LED lamps – both below (for reading) and as an overhead light (on the frieze). With a height of 243.5 cm, the depth of the furniture structure can be from 33 cm, and the length – from 350 cm. Such dimensions will allow you to create an almost complete composition of an entire wall in a one-room apartment.

Douglas Design Studio

Douglas Design Studio

Example in the photo: during the day this is an office and a playroom for a child – at night a full bedroom

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Letto a scomparsa a Castello con scrivania o divano KALI DUO Clei

Letto a scomparsa a Castello con scrivania o divano KALI DUO Clei

The Clei factory (manufacturer of teenage collections) has modules that combine a workstation and a bed. The work surface either pushes to the side, or turns out to be under the surface of the bed. The width of the berth varies from a compact 90 cm to 160 cm. The type of lifting mechanism is gas. Case material to choose from – laminated chipboard or painted MDF, covered with PVC film or veneered. These modules are more often made to order. Production time – from four weeks.


Clei beds have the Ulisse system: opening and closing is done using side hooks located between the base of the bed and the side panels. The base of the double bed is a wooden slatted bed. The width of the berth is 167 cm or 220 cm. The bed is installed on metal legs, which automatically extend during the lowering of the structure. The system is completed with a front sofa with a folding table, which, when opened, are removed under the bed. Sockets and lights are not provided.

Interior design studio of Asia Orlova

Idea from the photo: the workplace is transformed into a sleeping corner. The tabletop transforms into a shelf under the bed during transformation

Tina Guzova / Ym interiors

The domestic manufacturer “New Dimension” has modules with single, one and a half and double beds (it is very convenient if you use such a module to design a nursery for two children). The bed module is equipped with a gas lifting mechanism of the German company Supra. To hold the mattress and bed linen in the raised position, the wardrobe-bed set includes two straps with fastexes (buckles for quick fastening). The legs of the bed are metal, swivel-retractable, they are an integral part of the orthopedic lattice – the company’s own development. Sockets and lights are not provided.

Interior design studio of Alexey Strelyuk


How to choose a wardrobe bed

When choosing a wall module with a folding bed, the initial conditions of the room are extremely important: the condition of the walls, the height of the ceilings, the electrician (the ability to power the lamps and sockets) – it is important to think about this in advance.

How will you fix
For example, the OLissys module (“bedroom + living room”) is fixed to the wall with four anchors. This means that the wall should not be hollow (the main wall is suitable, the partition is not), the floor difference should not be more than 1 cm by 4 running meters, and the ceiling height should be at least plus 5 cm to the module height.

INVISION design solutions

Who will lay out
The pneumatic versions of folding beds are preferred – they can be unfolded with one hand with minimal effort. Imagine that the child has to clean the bed himself: if it is hard to do it, it will stand “disassembled” all day and there is no sense in such a model.

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What mattress
It is usually not included in the set of a folding bed. But the sizes are standard – choose the one that suits you.

Good question: How to choose a mattress for your bed

Ksenia Rozantseva | Creative group “Osobinka”

Issue price
The price for my favorite Olissys transformers starts at 138,000 rubles per module. Clei folding beds are in the same price category. This is about three times the price of a sofa bed with an orthopedic mattress. There are many European analogues of folding beds on sale, and they declare the price 3-4 times cheaper. Pay attention to the complete set of the module, fittings, mechanisms and body material. Will I have to pay extra for the delivery and assembly of furniture and the connection of sockets? The devil, as you know, is in the details.

Alexey Ivanov and Pavel Gerasimov | Geometrium design

5. Build a podium if there is no free wall
The bed will roll under the podium, and in the semi-extended state, with a pile of pillows, use it as a sofa. This option is suitable for studios or small apartments in new buildings.

The podium eats up the height. The minimum height of the room in which the floor module is installed is at least 265 cm.And it itself is usually not higher than 60 cm.This means that the pull-out bed is lower than usual: it is excellent for children and young people, but it will not be very convenient for mature people to get up.

Alexey Ivanov and Pavel Gerasimov | Geometrium design

Advice: It is most convenient to roll up a monoblock under the podium – a high mattress with an integrated spring base. Be sure to make him a fifth wheel in the center – the largest load on the supports, and even for a lorry bed, the usual four points of support will not be enough. And also immediately buy spare wheels from the same manufacturer of accessories: stoppers on them fail in the first place – you run the risk of “rolling”, rolling over from side to side in a dream.

Cesare galligani

A podium with a bed is sold as a ready-made furniture solution. At the same time, storage systems are also retractable and are placed on the podium. The podium itself can be built on a frame. Then your builders can easily build it – in accordance with the estimated height of the berth. Moreover, the height can be increased to organize a storage system inside.

Important: Provide steps. They can be made using a construction method or simply buy a ladder stool.

Géraldine Laferté

Raise the bed to the ceiling
In essence, it is a variation on the theme of the cabinet behind the back of the sofa.

Géraldine Laferté

Only in this case, the bed is not lowered directly onto the seat – constructively, it hangs over the sofa at the height of an ordinary “loft bed”.

Houzz France: Studio 18 sqm for a student


This is archival material. First published 2017, updated 2021

How do you solve the problem of a sofa and a bed in the same room? Have you ever used folding beds? Share your impressions in the comments below the article!

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