Question: How to make a room seem more spacious

Маленькая квартира: Действительно новые идеи ее «увеличения»

Correct the proportions of the room
If the room is small and the ceilings are high, the effect of a “well” is felt psychologically. And in this situation, designers advise to lower the ceilings (for example, using an active color).

When and why a high ceiling needs to be lowered

Marina Chernova

Idea with photo: bring down the scale you can use non-standard proportions – for example, when dividing a wall, make the lower part larger (2/3 of the height instead of the usual 1/3)
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Work with focal points
The human eye is designed in such a way that first of all it looks at the light, and then it looks for at least something interesting (which you can catch on to). If there is an idyllic view, as in the example in the photo, there is no point in covering it with curtains.

If there is no view, at least try not to stare into a massive wardrobe, an empty boring wall or a rack overloaded with objects.

Bän Architecture

Bän Architecture

The idea from Paris is a tiny bedroom, the entrance is positioned in such a way that it uniquely defines the place for the bed and wardrobe. The look just had to rest against this cabinet. The designer came up with an “insert” with a table (a painting will be hung over it later). And so diluted the monotony of the wardrobe line

Advice: If we are talking about a bedroom, it is ideal to place a wardrobe against a wall with a door (example in the photo below). Make a prominent place behind a wall with a bed or sofa more attractive: paste over it with wallpaper with an intricate pattern that you want to consider, hang an interesting picture.

Charlotte fequet

Wallpaper for a small bedroom
Accent walls in the interior

Photographer Kristina Nikishina

In the photo: the shelving on the entrance line partially hides the door, so it is not very striking

Jours & Nuits

Plan furniture with niches
In place of this cabinet with niches and a non-standard dressing table, it is easy to imagine an ordinary one – massive white all over the wall. Agree: it would be too monotonous compared to such an airy and fully functional solution.

Pugachevich Studio

A similar principle can be used wherever we are dealing with massive facades of many running meters.

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Just a photo: 15 kitchens with niches and recesses along the facade


Add a mirror
If you need to visually expand the space, a mirror is a faithful assistant. You just need to position it correctly. The best places are above the table (fireplace, sofa bed) and in front of a window or door, so that an additional perspective opens up and adds light.

If overflowing shelves or blank cabinets are reflected in the mirror, alas, it will not be possible to achieve the desired effect in interior design.

Redesign London Limited

Photo: tiny living room. Shelves are located in the partitions of the windows, under the windowsill. And due to the wall with a mirror, it seems that the room is twice as large

Graham Atkins-Hughes Photography

Buy some greenery
Take the space, get a beautiful plant – better with abundant foliage. Lush greenery will make the space seem deeper and larger than it actually is. In addition, the flower is just the very detail on which the eye rests.

Idea from a photo: one giant ficus is better than a dozen pots, which are lined with a windowsill

Bjurfors Göteborg

Replace the curtains – open the window
Natural light and a good view from the window are our main salvation in the cramped city apartments. If you are lucky with a view, and you do not need to hide from neighbors, do not hang the windows tightly. Often it is better to remove the curtains.

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Even when it gets dark outside, the window will increase the light – now electric. Needless to say, the windows must be clean and shiny.

Irina Krasheninnikova

Work with traffic
Close your eyes and walk around the house. You should never bump into pieces of furniture or things in the direction of travel. If you have to squeeze between the table and the wall to get to the sofa, it’s time to move the furniture.

The rule of free passage applies not only to furniture and partitions, but also to things that visually clutter up the space. Let’s say in the hallway (if possible) let there be a floor hanger. It is physically impossible to hang five or six sets of outerwear on it – in contrast to the wall one. A cleaner entrance means easier perception of space.

Elms Interior Design

Clear contours
Things imperceptibly “devour” space. This is especially true for open surfaces – shelves, countertops.

  • It would be nice to keep several shelves and compartments on the rack empty at all. This will create the pleasant illusion that there is room for everything in this room.
  • Look at the floor next to the bed, sofa, armchair – there are likely to be books, wardrobe items or a couple of mugs that are long overdue to put away / put in the dishwasher.

Buro 19.23

In the photo: the problem of “tubes and jars” is especially acute in the bathroom. The main thing is to get them out of sight. Not necessarily in a closed cabinet, you can under the table (as in the photo). Or into the end shelf from the side of the bath / sink (the main thing is that the contents are not reflected in the mirror and are not conspicuous from the entrance)


Choose furniture wisely
There is a widespread belief that things must necessarily be proportionate to the space. If the room is miniature, then everything in it, from the bed to the bedside table (and preferably people), should also be small.

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However, decorators strongly recommend that you break this rule and allow yourself full-size furniture even in a modest space.

At least some strategically important things, such as a sofa, bed or armchair, should be complete so that guests and hosts do not feel embarrassed. In addition, the neighborhood of different-scale things creates an interesting contrast for the eye.

Atelier Germain

Advice: Choose furniture with legs. Raised above the floor, it looks lighter and more airy than the one that stands on a monolithic base.

Q: Why does the interior feel overwhelmed?

Irina Krasheninnikova

Add shine
Anyone who would like to visually expand the boundaries of their apartments should pay attention to transparent, reflective and sparkling interior items. Glass tables, wardrobes and bedside tables with mirrored doors, small crystal chandeliers or candlesticks, steel-legged furniture and other glare options. All this will fill the room with light and help the space to play.

There are many practicing designers and architects among our subscribers, share your life hacks in the comments on how to make the space visually spacious

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