Quiet corner: creating a place for sports and meditation

Quiet corner: creating a place for sports and meditation

Quiet corner: creating a place for sports and meditation


  • Keeping up with the times

  • Place of power

  • In a country house

  • Place for meditation in the apartment

    • Decorating a meditation corner

    • Tactile sensations

    • How to fill your meditation corner

    • Ideas for decoration

  • A place for home workouts

Any business requires an appropriate environment in which you will be as comfortable and calm as possible. Needless to say, this rule works 100% in the field of physical activity? We have prepared for you several life hacks that will help you to competently organize an area for sports, yoga and spiritual practices at home.

Keeping up with the times

The modern world does not allow us to relax and slow down – constant self-development and the race for success exhaust our strength, leaving no time for recovery. At the same time, the trend towards a healthy lifestyle and awareness is gaining more and more followers and followers.

Sources: goodhousekeeping.com, housebeautiful.com

These signs of the times get along interestingly with each other. On the way to success and development, people try to take care of themselves: they eat right, get enough sleep, give up bad habits, go in for sports and spiritual practices.

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The home, in turn, becomes an inviolable fortress, a place of self-care, where people rebuild in between the race to achieve. At home, they cook wholesome food, take a contrast shower or bubble bath, do morning exercises and meditate in the evenings. A place for sports and meditation is gradually becoming a necessity.

Place of power

A country house or a small studio apartment of 30 sq. m – a corner for solitude, sports and meditation can be found in any space. If construction and repairs are just ahead of you, the necessary space can be pre-laid in the project, and if the interiors have already taken shape, try to carve out space for activities in the existing layout.

Source: joybird.com

If in a house it can be a separate room or part of a wellness zone / bath complex, then in a small studio apartment for meditation, a small niche with an area of ​​1.5×1.5 m (for example, in the corner between the wall and the chest of drawers) is suitable.

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In a country house

In a country house, a separate room can be allocated for meditation and sports. In the room for yoga and spiritual practices, the floor can be covered with small pebbles, artificial fountains or waterfalls can be arranged, the walls can be decorated with vertical landscaping.

Source: thetimes.co.uk

As for sports, in a country house you can plan a full-fledged gym, fitness room and even a swimming pool. It is better to locate it not far from the bath complex or wellness zone in order to combine sports with massage, sauna and other spa treatments.

Source: askmen.com

Place for meditation in the apartment

A medium to small city apartment is unlikely to have a private yoga room or home gym. Take a closer look: corners, niches or an insulated balcony are perfect for meditation. In open spaces, the corner can be separated by a small screen, floor plants or a textile curtain – it is very important that the place for meditation is secluded. It’s good if you can find a place with natural light near the window.

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If space permits, you can hang a hammock, and with high ceilings, arrange a place for meditation on the second tier (mezzanine).

Source: simplehomesimplelife.com

If there is no room at all, take a non-standard approach: some do yoga in bathrooms and even hallways.

Source: pinterest.co.uk

Decorating a meditation corner

Contrary to stereotypes, the place for meditation does not have to be decorated in an Indian style: with low wooden furniture, colorful pillows and a wooden statue of Buddha. It can be a minimalist and modern space, for example, in a Scandinavian style, or a sophisticated boudoir in the interior, referring to the historical eclecticism. It all depends on the style of the environment.

Source: dailylife.com.au

However, Asian aesthetics really dispose to meditative practices: woven rugs and pillows with ornaments, a low table for candles and incense, floor plants, terracotta ceramics are associated with Indian retreats, feng shui philosophy and other oriental practices.

Sources: digsdigs.com, pinterest.com

Low furniture and plants will create the desired feeling of “grounding”, closeness to nature. However, you can rise to a higher level – hang a ceiling “cocoon” -swing, erect a canopy or a special wicker structure that symbolically separates you from the outside world.

Source: thespruce.com

Tactile sensations

An important property of any space for meditation is tactility: a rough woven carpet, on which it is pleasant to stand barefoot or lie with your bare back; linen pillows stuffed with loose buckwheat husks; handmade ceramics for herbal tea. Pleasant tactile sensations will help you relax, listen to yourself and focus on your inner sensations, and therefore you should not neglect them.

Source: responcesourse.com

How to fill your meditation corner

A place for meditation is a real “sanctuary”, so it makes sense to decorate it to your liking, giving it an even greater sacred meaning. On the other hand, it is inappropriate to add too much decor to the meditation area: it is important to maintain order in such a corner so that you really want to spend time there.

Sources: apikhome.com, pinterest.com

Ideas for decoration

  • garlands of dim and warm light, floor lamps, candles;
  • floor mats, rugs, decorative pillows;
  • outdoor plants;
  • “Altar” with ritual objects that give you strength;
  • low furniture;
  • mirror;
  • aroma lamps, incense.

Source: pinterest.co.uk

A place for home workouts

Choosing a place for sports is both easier and more difficult at the same time. Much depends on what kind of sport you plan to do at home on a full-time basis. For example, you can spread a yoga mat or twist a hula hoop right in the center of the room without carving out a separate space for this. But in order to place at least one stationary exercise machine (stepper, ellipse, treadmill) or wall bars in the sports corner, you will need several free square meters.

Source: threadmillcheck.com

In this regard, exercise machines are increasingly being installed in bedrooms or on balconies.

If you do not have the opportunity to organize a separate workout room, try to fit the simulator into the interior.  Sources: housebeautiful.com, goodhousekeeping.com

Passion for sports can be turned into a highlight of the interior: it is enough to beat the training area with bright accents and attributes of your favorite sport.  Source: goodhousekeeping.com

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