Secrets of outdoor recreation abroad

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Camping abroad is a little different from ours. There are some points worth paying special attention to.

Consider the climate. The first time after arriving in another country, your health may deteriorate for a while. There is nothing to worry about – you are undergoing acclimatization. Therefore, avoid strong physical exertion at this time, do not overload yourself during the restructuring of the body. Heat and sun can play a cruel joke when the climate changes. Better to go hiking, in the mountains or in the forest a couple of days after the flight.

Use sunscreen. If you are visiting a seaside resort, be sure to use sunscreen. Especially in the early days, when it seems that the sun is not baking strongly. In fact, wherever you are – on the beach, in the mountains, in the forest, on the ruins of an ancient city – always use UV-protected creams. The face and nose are the first to burn. Do not let your rest be spoiled by pain in the first few days.

Bring comfortable shoes and slippers for the sea. If you are going to explore mountain peaks in another country on your own, put comfortable shoes in your suitcase. Best of all – your favorite comfortable and lightweight sneakers. They will not take up much space, they weigh little, but they will be very useful to you on your travels. Never bring new shoes with you! It may turn out that it will turn out to be small for you or it will rub your calluses to pain on the very first day.

Slippers for the sea useful if you plan to relax on the rocky seashore. Especially if you prefer wilderness. Stones under water are very slippery, so special “soap dishes” will come in handy.

Take your gear. Active travelers “with experience” always prefer to carry their equipment with them – be it a complete diving kit or an impressive snowboarder’s bag. During the “high ski season” you can save on the transportation of your sports equipment (skis, poles, snowboards, boots). Many airlines provide the right free transportation of one set equipment for one person and do not require additional payment.

Take money and documents with you. Despite the fact that you are going to relax in nature, there may be rules abroad, and places for recreation may be paid. For example, you are located on the shore of a quiet lake with a tent. You may be asked to pay for the rest in this area, as it may belong to an individual.

In general, be careful when resting in nature abroad. Before traveling, study as much information about the country as possible. Sometimes there are laws that you never knew existed. In Germany, for example, to fish, you need to obtain a special license and enter each fish caught in a special book of records. And if you decide to cut a cactus you like in the state of Arizona (USA), then you can be jailed for up to 25 years. There are also funny, but real laws in different countries. For example, in the state of Idaho in the United States, you cannot fish while sitting on a giraffe or camel; in Chicago it is forbidden to fish in pajamas, and in Pennsylvania you will be fined if you catch a fish not by the mouth, but for any other part of the body.

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