Secrets of traveling with a child


Do you want to take your child with you on the trip? Going on vacation with small children is difficult, but so nice! Let’s talk about the features that all travel parents should know.

Important permission

If you want to go with your baby on vacation abroad, and at the same time his father (or mother) remains at home, then to take the child out, you will need to obtain a notarized consent of the second parent. These are the rules. If you are a grandmother or grandfather and want to take your child abroad with you, then you will also need to obtain notarial permission, but from both parents. Otherwise, you may not be allowed out of Russia.

Savings on hotel accommodation

If you want to save money when traveling with three (mom, dad and baby), then book a double room without an extra bed. In most hotels, children under 12 years old are accommodated with their parents free of charge. If the double bed is too small, you can pay about 300 rubles for an extra bed in a double room. This option is in any case cheaper than booking a triple room.

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Observe the regimen

Children, unlike adults, cannot control their hunger. Especially if the child is very small. Plan your day to feed your baby on time: keep food and bottles handy, take formula and instant meals. It is almost impossible to calm a hungry child, he needs a feeling of fullness in order to feel normal.

Travel in the daytime

Night travel is very difficult for children. Buy tickets for daytime flights. If you are traveling by train, calm your child in the evening, as you usually do at home, so that he feels peace and comfort next to you. If the baby is naughty, feed him, stroke him, and he will spend the night calmly.

Keep toys close at hand

Children of all ages start to be capricious when they have nothing to do. Therefore, in your arsenal you should always have “entertainments” appropriate for age: rattles, cubes, loto, coloring or anything else that your child loves. As soon as he does something, consider that you have half an hour or an hour of free time.

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Choose the right country for your vacation

Before traveling, think carefully about which country you should go to. The child will not be able to endure the same physical activity as adults. It will be difficult for him on excursions, on walks in the mountains. If the child is very young, then choose areas on the plains for walking with a stroller. You can go to the mountainous country a little later, when the child can easily walk with you on walks in the mountains and enjoy it.

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