Winter holidays in the mountains are a special atmosphere. After a day of skiing or snowboarding, you can stroll through the small village, admire the snowfall and warm yourself with hot tea or mulled wine. Today we have compiled for you a list of the coziest and most picturesque resorts where it is easy to forget that the rest of the world exists.

Alpe d’Huez, France

Photo: Cyrille Quirtard Photography

Alpe d’Huez is the largest ski resort in the French Alps, the length of one of its slopes, “Sarenna”, is 16 km and partly through a tunnel, it is the longest ski slope in Europe. But the main advantage of the place lies in the special microclimate, the ski area is even called “Sunny Island”, because clear weather here lasts an average of 300 days a year. Despite its impressive size and popularity, the resort retains the coziness of a small alpine village, especially with its wooden chalets and a small stone church.

Season: December – April
Number of runs: 118
Ski pass cost: € 47.50 per day
Cost of 1 night for 1 person: from 3 149 rubles

Livigno, Italy

Photo: Livigno Ski Resort
Photo: @livigno

Livigno is a small mountain village that comes alive during the winter months. There are more than 110 km of trails on both sides of the wide sunny valley, but the resort has gained the main popularity thanks to its chic freeride opportunities. In the center of the city, between beautiful wooden houses, there is a wide alley with bright illumination and a huge number of duty-free shops, because the whole resort is a duty-free zone. Streets and buildings are decorated with garlands with stars and snowflakes, so the mood here is festive throughout the season.

Season: November – April
Number of runs: 78
Ski pass cost: 47 euros per day
Cost of 1 night for 1 person: from 4 199 rubles

Zermatt, Switzerland

Photo: Ski Resort Zermatt
Photo: Leander Wenger

The village of Zermatt is located in a valley between the highest mountains of the Pennine Alps. The main and most beautiful attraction of this place is the Matterhorn, the most photographed mountain in the world. It rises above the city in a regular quadrangular pyramid, and in the morning the rays of the rising sun paint the slope of the cliff in all shades of pink. In the evenings, there is nothing more pleasant than walking along the cobbled streets powdered with snow, especially since they are all pedestrian, there are no cars here, the city remains ecologically clean and quiet like a mountain. Well, and most importantly, this alpine resort is open for skiing all year round, however, most of the snow is here from November to April.

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Season: all year round
Number of slopes: 109
Ski pass cost: 79 euros per day
Cost of 1 night for 1 person: from 1 812 rubles

Diamond Peak, USA

Photo: Diamond Peak Ski Resort
Photo: @hmarsikova

Diamond Peak Resort in Nevada is one of the most scenic in America. Lake Tahoe stretches right from the foot of the mountain and almost to the horizon, and immediately behind it is the Sierra Nevada mountain range. On clear days, the blue of the lake is amazing, but it becomes even more beautiful here when clouds gather in the valley: it seems that the lake has risen several hundred meters and turned white. For all its beauty, the resort is not the most popular, so there are no noisy crowds here, and the rest is calm and measured.

Season: December – April
Number of runs: 30
Ski pass cost: $ 79 per day
Cost of 1 night for 1 person: from 8 642 rubles

Lake Louise, Canada

Photo: Lake Louise Ski Resort
Photo: David May

Lake Louise is one of three ski resorts in Banff National Park, the oldest in Canada. It is surrounded by dense coniferous forests and the sharp peaks of the Canadian rocky mountains extending beyond the horizon. The slopes of three neighboring peaks formed a round well with a lake in the valley, over which a large monumental hotel, built here in 1890, rises. If you prefer home comfort, in the village you can settle in wooden houses in the immediate vicinity of the ski lifts.

Season: November – May
Number of slopes: 145
Ski pass cost: $ 104 per day
Cost of 1 night for 1 person: from 1,426 rubles

Val Gardena, Italy

Photo: Val Gardena Ski Resort
Photo: @valgardenadolomites

Val Gardena brings together three ski resorts in the heart of the Dolomites in northern Italy. Majestic stone cliffs rise above the city and the ski area. They are especially impressive in contrast to the warm light of the busy city streets. They do not skimp on decorations and garlands, they decorate a huge Christmas tree and arrange a Christmas market for the new year. This resort is also great for families with children, those who are under 8 years old can use the ski lift for free!

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Season: December – April
Number of slopes: 112
Ski pass cost: 53 euros per day
Cost of 1 night for 1 person: from 8 570 rubles

Mongenevre, France

Photo: Mongenevre Ski Resort

Montgenèvre is the oldest ski resort in France and will celebrate its 111th anniversary in 2018. Despite the small area, the city has two churches, three chapels and an obelisk that make it cozy and peaceful. It is really very calm here – no parties or nightlife, making it a great place to relax with children. The resort has very good pistes for intermediate skiers, and there is often heavy snowfall.

Season: December – April
Number of runs: 52
Ski pass cost: 41 euros per day
Cost of 1 night for 1 person: from 3 968 rubles

Kitzbühel, Austria

Photo: Kitzbühel Ski Resort
Photo: @michaelwerlberger

The old Austrian city of Kitzbühel in winter looks like a fairy tale, the colored buildings sprinkled with snow look just like gingerbread houses with sugar icing. Almost the entire city center is exclusively pedestrianized. The resort, although small, is considered the most fashionable in Austria, moreover, every winter one of its slopes is held one of the stages of the Alpine Skiing World Cup. 170 km of pistes on the slopes compete for the attention of skaters with almost the same length of freeride area. Another attraction of the city is the air tram 3 S, a wagon cable car with the longest span in the world – 2705 meters between the lower station and the first pillar.

Season: October – April
Number of runs: 70
Ski pass cost: 50 euros per day
Cost of 1 night for 1 person: from 5 375 rubles

Tarvisio, Italy

Photo: Tarvisio Ski Resort

A small Italian resort located on the border with Austria and Slovenia. This region is famous for very heavy snowfalls, which attracts those who like to ride on fresh tracks. The city itself is small, and to match the falling snow – white. Coupled with the surrounding dense coniferous forest, which is also constantly covered with fresh snow, the place gives an incredible impression of purity and winter magic.

Season: December – April
Number of runs: 17
Ski pass cost: 35 euros per day
Cost of 1 night for 1 person: from 1 750 rubles

Niseko, Japan

Photo: Niseko Ski Resort

Niseko has become the country’s most popular ski resort thanks to its spacious freeride fields, which is very unusual in Japan. At the same time, it is precisely for skiing off pistes that it is worth going here, thanks to the unique combination of the height and proximity of the ocean, the snow here has a special dry, crumbly texture. A small, cozy town with two hotels and several townhouses is connected to four neighboring resorts by a network of cable cars. And the most beautiful thing is the view of the neighboring snow-covered volcano Yotei opening from the slopes.

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Season: December – April
Number of runs: 61
Ski pass cost: $ 45 per day
Cost of 1 night for 1 person: from 1 949 rubles

Heavenly, USA

Photo: Heavenly Ski Resort
Photo: Yvette Cardozo / Alamy Stock Photo

The Havenly Resort is so large that it is located simultaneously on the territory of two states: California and Nevada. Lake Tahoe, overlooked from the slopes, is the only piece of tranquility in this lively place. Freeride trails and fields can be explored from early morning until late at night, but you should leave some energy for the dark: nightlife is in full swing in this mountain village. Bars and clubs are open seven days a week, and the highlight of the entertainment program is a huge mobile stage with a DJ station in the shape of a huge snow cat. If you want a big and colorful celebration, there is no better place.

Season: November – April
Number of runs: 46
Ski pass cost: $ 139 per day
Cost of 1 night for 1 person: from 2,148 rubles

Avoriaz, France

Photo: Avoriaz Ski Resort
Photo: @evaloha_blog

The Avoriaz resort includes five villages built especially for ski tourism. Inspired by the ideas of a famous Swiss architect, this place was designed in a special style: tall buildings with sloping roofs from a distance are very similar to the surrounding mountains. The settlements were originally conceived as environmentally friendly, so there is still no transport here, except for horse-drawn carriages, and you can ski along all the streets. However, there are much more snowboarders than skiers here, because there are two snowparks of different difficulty levels and a superpipe for freestyle.

Season: December – April
Number of runs: 42
Ski pass cost: 52 euros per day
Cost of 1 night for 1 person: from 12 722 rubles

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