Slovenia is one of the best resort countries in Europe: mineral waters, the beaches of the Adriatic, mountain forests and alpine mountain resorts attract travelers. As well as charming medieval towns, hospitable people and low prices. Today we will tell you why you should go to the Slovenian ski resorts in the Julian Alps, which are just an hour’s drive from the airport.

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1. Discover the wild nature of the Bohinj resort

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Bohinj is a ski station located near the city of the same name. The station is located in the Triglav National Park on the picturesque Vogel plateau, overlooking the Bohinj glacial lake and the summit of Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia. At an altitude of 600 to 1930 meters, there are 11 tracks (6 of them are red, 5 are blue) with a length of 22 kilometers. You can ski downhill and cross-country, from steep mountains and on flat terrain, day and night. For snowboarders, the best park in Slovenia is equipped with modules and jumps of varying difficulty. You can get to the slopes using 8 lifts or a funicular. The resort also has mountain sledding and paragliding, snow rafting, an amusement park, spa and great restaurants.

The price of a ski pass in high season: 32 euros / day for adults, 28 euros / day for young people from 15 to 23 years old and 16 euros / day for children under 14 years old.
Winter season: December – early May
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2. Ride day and night on the ideal slopes of the Kranjska Gora resort

Photo: Ski resort Kranjska Gora
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The oldest resort in Slovenia, Kranjska Gora, is located on the border with Italy and Austria and is famous for its ideal tracks. On the south side, Kranjska Gora is surrounded by the Julian Alps, and on the north – by the Karavanke mountain range. The resort hosts the Ski Jumping and Alpine Ski World Cup every year. The slopes of Kranjska Gora, with easy slopes, low altitude and ski schools, are an ideal place for beginners. Length of trails: 20 kilometers in the mountains and 45 kilometers on the plain, for cross-country skiing. The resort has everything you need: 20 fast lifts, snow cannons that guarantee a dense cover, dozens of ski schools, hotels and restaurants. In Kranjska Gora, you can ski, sleigh and snowboard day and night, while small children can be left in the Ski Kindergarten, where they will be entertained and taught to ride. There is a lot of entertainment in the resort: clubs, bars and restaurants, a water park, a spa center, walking in the reserve past rivers and waterfalls.

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The price of a ski pass in high season: 32 euros / day for adults and 27 euros / day for young people from 15 to 23 years old and 20 euros / day for children up to 14 years old.
Winter season: December – early April
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3. Take a ride on the breathtaking trails of Canin-Sella Nivea

Photo: Kanin Ski Resort
Photo: Kanin Ski Resort / Courtesy of Kanin Ski Resort

The highest mountain resort in Slovenia, Kanin, is located on the border with Italy, at an altitude of more than 2000 meters and is considered the best place for extreme tourism: rafting, kayaking, canyoning, snowboarding and mountaineering through frozen waterfalls. The resort is located above the level of the clouds, so the sun is always shining here, a panoramic view of the Alps opens up, and the snow cover is suitable for skiing until May. Here, at an altitude of 1700-2300 meters above sea level, there are the most dangerous slopes and the most difficult slopes in Slovenia. The length of the slopes is 30 kilometers (blue – 6 kilometers, red – 22 kilometers, black – 2 kilometers), with an elevation difference of 700 meters, which is served by 12 lifts. One slope of Mount Kanin is located in Slovenia, and the other in Italy, but a single ski pass allows you to ski on the slopes of both resorts. Apart from skiing and snowboarding here Lots of activities: horse riding, golf, hiking, paragliding, nightclubs, spas, bars and restaurants.

Ski pass price: 35 € / day for adults and 26 € / day for children in high season and 25 € / day for adults and 19 € / day for children in low season.
Winter season: December – early May
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4. Relax on Lake Bled, surrounded by rivers and lakes

Photo: Lake Bled
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Lake Bled is located 32 kilometers from Ljubljana Airport, at the foot of the Julian Alps. Slovenia’s most popular spa center is located on the lake. And every winter, the area around Bled turns into a ski resort suitable for families with children, beginners and intermediate skiers. Here you can find the cleanest air, picturesque landscapes and magnificent nature. The resort has only two very long tracks (red and blue), which are served by two lifts. Both trails are equipped with snow cannons and are illuminated for night skiing. The maximum height of the tracks is 635 meters, the minimum is 534 meters, the height difference is about 130 meters. Bled also has 15 kilometers of well-equipped cross-country skiing trails and a huge indoor ice rink. Near Bled, in Lipice, there is a stud farm of white royal horses, a medieval castle stands above Lake Bled, on a rock, and a few kilometers from the resort there is the beautiful Savica waterfall. In addition to skiing in the resort, you can go horseback riding, hiking in the forests, cycling, relax in cafes, casinos and restaurants.

The price of a ski pass in high season: 23 euros / day for adults in high season and 18 euros / day for children from 6 to 18.
Winter season: December – March

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5. Have fun in Pohorje Maribor – the largest and noisiest resort in Slovenia

Photo: Ski resort Mariborsko Pohorje
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It is the largest and most popular ski resort in Slovenia, located in the Alps, 17 kilometers from the border with Austria. Pohorje consists of three ski areas located at different heights, which are connected by a system of lifts. Just 6 kilometers (10 minutes by bus) from the resort is the town of Maribor, with medieval architecture and the oldest vineyards in Europe. The resort offers 41 kilometers of ski slopes (red – 13 kilometers, blue – 24, black – 4) and 27 kilometers of cross-country trails. The infrastructure is well developed here, and the ski slopes start right at the hotels. Also in Pohorje there is the longest illuminated trail in Europe, and extreme descents with torches are held at night. The main attraction of Maribor Pohorje is the Terme Maribor thermal center with healing pools, saunas and baths. Entertainment: hot air balloon rides, horse riding, skating rink, theater, restaurants, cinemas.

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Ski pass price: 30 euros / day for adults and 26 euros / day for young people from 15 to 23 years old and 17 euros / day for children up to 14 years old in high season
Winter season: December – early April
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6. Relax and improve your health in the thermal waters and on the ski slopes of the Rogla resort

Photo: Rogla Ski Resort
Photo: Rogla Ski Resort | © Archive Unitur / Courtesy of Rogla Ski Resort

In the heart of the Pohorje mountain range, at an altitude of 1,517 meters above sea level, there is the Rogla Olympic Ski Center. 17 kilometers away, at the foot of the mountains, in a coniferous forest, is the Terme Zreče thermal resort, with a free bus running between them. This makes it possible to combine sports during the day and spa treatments in the evenings. 12 kilometers of ski tracks (black – 1.5 kilometers, red – 8.5, blue – 2) and 18 kilometers of cross-country trails are laid on the slopes of the resort, overgrown with pine trees, the height difference is about 1,200 meters. The slopes are served by 14 lifts. For snowboarders, there is a fan park with jumps, railings, quarter pipes. Thanks to the snow cannons, the season runs from November to April. From entertainment in Rogla there is an ice rink, indoor and outdoor stadiums, restaurants, casinos and discos.

The price of a ski pass in high season: 33 euros / day for adults and 29 euros / day for young people from 15 to 23 years old and 18 euros / day for children up to 14 years old.
Winter season: late November – early April
Resort website:

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