Small apartment: Really new ideas for “enlarging” it

Как находить проверенные мастерские и добросовестных подрядчиков

What to do with an apartment of a modest area so that it feels volume and space? Designers know and constantly use decorating techniques in their work, thanks to which the interiors seem larger. Perhaps one of these techniques (or several at once) will help correct your situation. And although the square meters will not increase as a result, life sensations will change for the better.

Design Bureau Tatiana Alenina

Walls and ceiling in one color
In an ordinary room there are four walls, a ceiling on top, and a floor below – a stereotype, based on which the brain visually evaluates the size of the room. The visual ambiguity of the boundaries is given, for example, by the same matt color of the walls and ceiling.
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Jamesthomas Interiors

“One way to make a small room or an entire apartment appear larger is to paint the walls and ceiling with the same color. designer Ekaterina Bratchikova advises. And it doesn’t have to be light shades. When the eye does not see a clear separation of colors, it seems to us that space has no boundaries. So, it seems more. ”

Korneev Design Workshop

Example with a photo: designers boldly use the blurring technique – it works equally with soft pastel shades and rich dense ones.

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Irina Shevchenko

Internal windows
Another technique for blurring boundaries is “the flow of the interior through various openings into neighboring rooms or the transition of finishing materials to neighboring rooms to create the illusion of a single volume,” adds architect-designer Georgy Morozov.

“I made windows on internal partitions – this increases the space. And when not needed, the sash can be closed, ”says designer Andrei Pitin.


Overflow flooring
“If possible, do not zone a small room with different floors, – advises designer Christina Kovaleva. This will create the effect of a single space without boundaries that are mentally erected. In this sense, zoning with ceilings and furniture is more interesting and expedient. “

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►Small apartments from different countries – completed projects, live filming (more than 500 thousand photos).

Akhmadiev Marat

Embed bulky furniture
In small spaces, it is not scattered cabinets that look better, but hidden built-in storage systems with smooth facades.

“The fewer free-standing wardrobes, shelves, dressers – the cleaner and more spacious the interior looks. If you want to visually expand the space – create one large storage system behind monochromatic matte facades with a push-to-open system. Remove dust-collecting structures: hanging cabinets, shelves, dressers along the walls – all this conceals space, – advises the designer Natalia Maksimenko. “

Anna Koroleva

Example in the photo: the closet on the right side of the headboard is not even immediately readable by the eye. Furniture literally takes up every centimeter of space – this is important in small apartments.

iPozdnyakov Studio

Shift focus to center
“For small rooms, I select furniture in the same way as for large ones, make several groups of light, focusing on the center of the room. If, for example, in a small living room there is a coffee table, a pendant lamp, floor lamps, somehow it would never even occur to you to call such a small room, says the architect Nina Lopatina. – The trick is that objects do not interfere with movement around the room. And the curtains in such living rooms I always make light, light, and not “from wall to wall”, but according to the size of the window ”.


Example in the photo: a tiny studio apartment, where the understanding of the scale was “knocked down” by the placement of a giant kitchen island in the center of the kitchen-living room

Interior design studio of Asia Orlova

Revision of the furnishings
“The key to success is the absence of unnecessary furniture and things. Even a large room can be made so that it seems small – even with a mirrored wall, even with white walls, ”says designer and decorator Natalia Preobrazhenskaya. On the contrary, the fewer objects, the more airy the room appears. Give preference to multifunctional items. “

Marina Pennie

Bright exaggeration
It is good to use gigantic ornaments in a small space, combine large rapports with smaller ones.

Interior studio AI

Interior designer Natalya Bazhenova advises an unexpected move: “If you paste over or paint the walls in different colors (for a bright exaggeration) or different textures in a small space, then the eye does not read the whole room, and it seems much larger than its real size.”

Leo Qvarsebo

Borrowed landscape
If you live in a private house, the architect Igor Obruchnikov advises to reveal the interior to nature: “A small room will seem larger if it is adjoined by a garden, especially your own. Moreover, no one will interfere with building the area you need in a private household ”.

Technical Email

More rooms (circular layout
Designer Corina Balanovskaya: “Oddly enough, a small apartment psychologically seems larger if it is divided into many rooms. You walk, like in a castle, from room to room, and everywhere you have your own life, your own atmosphere. And vice versa: if it is a studio apartment or a kitchen-living room, then the space is always perceived less, but it is more convenient to use it.

Tatiana Kharchenko

More light
Designer Yuri Zubenko advises using more light sources: Increase the number of lighting devices: their “round dance” will force the eye to read more information, and the brain will think that there is enough space in the room in which they are located


Mirror wall (or a fragment thereof)
“Correctly positioned mirrors can actually visually increase the space and luminous flux (the amount of light, if simpler). Our favorite mirror trick is a vertical mirror strip from floor to ceiling, located in the corner of the room at the junction of two walls, – the experts of the GLASSGOOD company share. – The mirror must be slightly sunk into the wall (about 1.5-2 cm). The width of the mirror is very important here: it should not be a wide mirror, but a strip with good proportions. It is not necessary to use the rule of the golden ratio, it is enough to observe the multiplicity. “

OH, BOY! Interiors with a modern character

High doors
The standard door height is 210 cm .. but many manufacturers have 230 cm serial models in their collections. And above you can order for an individual project – take advantage of this.

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“The use of high doors visually increases the height of the ceiling, the room seems to be larger than its actual size,” notes designer Vera Otkidach.

Elena Sochinskaya

This is archival material. First published 2015. Updated in 2021

Tell us what tricks you used to visually enlarge a small room or apartment. Share your experience in the comments section below the article!

Peace of mind: How to make a small apartment bigger

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