Small living room: 15 design and layout tips

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It is not easy for designers to work with small rooms, especially if both family and guests spend most of their free time in the living room. How can you make a small room spacious and at the same time organize a sufficient number of seats? What furniture to choose and where to put it? We offer 15 design tips and 10 planning ideasthat will help you make the most of your small living room space.

Jamie Keskin Design

1. Use mirrors and wallpaper
In a small living room, especially if there is little light in it, you can feel like in a box. Add accents, add light and depth with wallpaper and a mirror, which is better to hang in front of the window – this will create the feeling that another window has appeared in the room.

Layout: The sofa is pushed close to the wall, the number of seats is 2 (+1, if it is allowed to sit on the pouf).

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Antonio Martins Interior Design

2. Arrange hidden storage spaces
Look for furniture with built-in storage units so there is no clutter. A chest or ottoman with a drawer inside can serve as a coffee table. Hang small cupboards around the perimeter of the room, or place a low dresser instead of a console table.

3. Choose small-sized furniture
After all, for living rooms there are not only huge sofas and awkward armchairs: you can find very interesting small furniture in antique stores. Until about the middle of the last century, the rooms were much smaller than they are today. Look for small couches, two-seater sofas and chairs that will fit within the size of your living room.

Layout: A sofa with side tables is located in the bay window. Several Louis XIV style armchairs can be placed opposite, and between them a chest can be placed as a coffee table. Place an antique couch with a high headboard diagonally from the sofa, and opposite small console table.
Number of seats: 6.

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Serena & lily

4. Take a look up
If you have high ceilings in your living room, take full advantage of this advantage! Of course, a room stretched upwards does not mean more space for guests, but this will create the feeling that the room is much larger than it seems at first glance. Turn tall walls into a home art gallery.

5. Fill in the space in the corner
Oddly enough, the size of a small corner living room can be visually increased with large furniture. How does this happen? A large corner sofa (as in the photo) will fit many guests at once. Due to the fact that such a sofa is perceived as one piece of furniture, it seems that the room is not so crowded. A modern sofa with clean, straight lines will look better in a small living room than a voluminous one.

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Kathleen Bost Architecture + Design

6. Buy a small sofa
Sometimes a large sofa is not the best option. A lowered couch or a small sofa with strict lines and thin legs, which make it seem weightless, are better suited.

More photos of sofas in the living room

Caitlin & Caitlin Design Co.

7. Choose a backless sofa
In an open-plan room, the sofa sometimes looks better in the middle of the room, rather than against the walls (unless it’s a small sofa in the middle of the room) – it will visually reduce the space. A backless sofa will add some seating space, and in a larger room, it can separate two seating areas.

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8. Arrange the plants
Like wallpaper with mirrors, plants are a great way to add depth to a small living room. Bright greens will soften the corners, create the effect of additional space and visually enlarge the room. It is especially effective to place plant pots in corners or near chairs and sofas.

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Kelly deck design

9. Buy multifunctional furniture
In a small living room, you need to use all the furniture. For example, ottomans or stools can be used as a coffee table or additional seating area, and small side tables can be moved to different parts of the room.

Jeff King & Company

10.Use built-in storage compartments
Don’t let small furniture in all parts of the room (closet there, drawer here) eat up the entire space: take the hard step and use the entire wall for storage. The ceiling-to-floor closet can be equipped for storing books, an entertainment system, or integrate a folding work table.

11. Consider storage space for extra chairs
A small space often cannot accommodate as much seating as you need. Folding chairs or ottomans come to the rescue, which can be stored in the closet or under the bed so that they can be easily taken out when guests come.

Layout: Hide a TV, books and a cabinet with drawers in the built-in storage sections, put a small sofa in front of it. Place a low chair in front of the wall with sections so that it does not interfere with the opening of the door.
Number of seats: 3

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The Cross Interior Design

12. Break the sofa + chair stereotype
This small but stylish living room has a fold-out couch (sleeper for guests if needed), a small upholstered sofa canapé and a seating window sill – a range of seating areas in addition to the traditional sofa or armchair.

The Cross Interior Design

Put pillows on the windowsill, put an ottoman or a table next to it, on which you can also sit.

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Layout: Place the couch next to the canapé sofa, between them – a transparent plastic coffee table and a fur ottoman, on the other side of the room – a window sill with seating.
Number of seats: 7.

Kasha paris

13. Forget the sofa
Who said that there must be a sofa in the living room? If there is very little space, try arranging three or four chairs around the coffee table. For more functionality, an ottoman with a tray on top can be used as a coffee table.

Layout: Place a low round coffee table in the center of the room with three armchairs around it.
Number of seats: 3-4

Coddington Design

14. Buy invisiblefurniture
Plastic, glass or plexiglass are great for small rooms, because furniture made from these materials does not take up visual space.

15. Arrange low seating in front of the fireplace
A pair of cute little stools or ottomans in front of the fireplace will not block the main element of the living room – the fireplace – but will give the room more comfort. And it’s even better if the ottomans have a place to store things.

Layout: Place a couple of armchairs in a bay window, a Chesterfield-style soft leather sofa against the wall in front of the fireplace, and a sleek coffee table. Place a pair of fabric-upholstered ottomans with storage boxes in front of the fireplace.
Number of seats: 7.


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