Take This Off Immediately: How To Choose A Rented Apartment On A Budget And Shower

В гостях: Как изменилась за неделю съёмная квартира

Three years ago, I needed to rent a new home as soon as possible. And it was almost all the same to me that the kitchen of the first apartment I came across smelled of something (like in a catnip, where very ill-mannered cats are kept), one window in the room does not close in principle (apparently, the frame is swollen and now does not fit where should), and the situation itself is very dull. Two rented apartments later, I live in a cozy little room with a wonderful view from the window and sitting next to it I write this text. I think I finally figured out the secret of how you can rent an apartment and do not miscalculate.


First and foremost: location
In my opinion, the most important thing this is the location. In theory, almost everything can be changed in a rented apartment, right up to the front door. But no one will be able to move the apartment you rented from Lyubertsy to Chistye Prudy either in practice or even in theory.

It depends on the location: how long you have to get to work, how many changes or traffic jams you will need to overcome on the way to your loved ones, with whom your children will play in the yard, whether you will become an unwitting participant in all drunken gatherings near your entrance at night and whether you will listen singing birds in the morning.

The area (or city of residence) affects the cost, and sometimes very strongly. But for me, it’s better to rent an apartment for several thousand more than spend every day on the road to work instead of forty minutes three hours. You will come to work in a better mood, you will have more time thanks to a good mood, and you will not get annoyed over trifles once again.


Advantages and disadvantages locations may not initially be obvious. For example, it was difficult to get to the nearest metro from my first rented apartment. Due to the construction of the interchange, the buses got stuck in eternal traffic jams. Once I had to wait for a bus for an hour. Pretty quickly, I discovered that there was a station within a five minute walk from the house, from where twelve minutes to Savelovsky railway station. And there are three metro stations and you are in the center of Moscow. On weekdays, I would get to the city center by car three times longer.

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Denis Furmanov

Are you wondering how to rent an apartment right next to the metro? If we are talking about Moscow, this is immediately plus two or three thousand a month (at least). And keep in mind that in the load you will get motorists who use your yard as a free intercept parking. Of the advantages substantial savings on taxis (the metro will most often be faster and cheaper) and convenience stores, which are usually near the metro (so if you get the idea to eat peach yogurt at three in the morning, you will get it).

Alternatively, choose an apartment ten to fifteen minutes walk from the metro. You will save a little and heal your body a little by constant walking.

Eichenbaum Olia

Remember the main thing: neither the realtor nor the apartment owners will tell you about all the pros and cons of the place where you are moving. Not because they are harmful, and their task NSas soon as possible and for a lot of money to rent this apartment (although, perhaps, and therefore, too), but because they themselves do not know all the subtleties.

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Look for information on the Internet, but first think about what you need. A good hypermarket nearby to shop for a week in advance? A modern park with a playground? A picturesque beach perfect for sunbathing after a week of work? And it is better not to share your discoveries with the landlords. Anything wonderful and beautiful in relation to their “product” can raise the value. And then the beach will not please you so much.

Ekaterina Lieberman

Second, very important: the state of the interior
The first thing you pay attention to is how the home looks in general. Then you start to notice details. And you often miss out on things that shouldn’t be worth it.

If the apartment is in poor condition, but you are completely satisfied with the location and layout, bargain for a “renovation vacation”. This means that for the first two or three months (or as agreed) you will not pay for the apartment, but will make repairs for the same amount. An obvious plus: get the accommodation you need. An implicit minus: the owners may like the result so much that in a couple of months they will start thinking how to rent an apartment for a lot of money. Not you, so someone else.

Nina Frolova

If the accommodation is good enough, but something confuses you, think about how to solve the problem. Wallpaper that “spoil everything” can be replaced even on your own. Dull wall by agreement with the owners change to something modern. Unsuccessful carpet roll up and shove into the far corner. Changing the little things will cost less than finding the same apartment, but only with a mirror in the hallway and a bigger bed.


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Ekaterina Lieberman

An empty apartment is better than a cluttered one. You do not have to bargain for the right to throw out the chest of drawers, which the owners of the apartment loved so much (yes, they loved it so much that they left it for the joy of future tenants). And let you spend some amount on furnishings, but part of the amount will be returned if you decide to sell all these things the next time you move. Obviously, the better the apartment looks, the more expensive it will cost to rent it. So think maybe it’s worth saving some money and putting in some of your energy?

Design Fixation [Faith Provencher]

Third, also very important: how to rent an apartment and save money
The cost of renting an apartment is primarily affected by the financial crisis (its presence or absence). But this is most likely outside your purview (unless you are a financial wizard, of course). You can save, for example, like this: rent an apartment without an elevator. Yes, it will most likely be a five-story building. But you will never walk to the fourteenth floor, because both elevators have failed again, as I did before. And in your life there will be no elevator that carries up and down no (I am also very familiar with such an elevator). Imagine how it feels – withto let the sofa up the stairs, for example, from the fifteenth floor?

Nina Frolova

If you choose the first floor, you will also save money. True, in an apartment on the ground floor, you can better hear everything that happens on the street, and for some reason some people sometimes try to look through the windows, and half of the yard will know your cat. For me, for example, the ideal floor second. Perhaps at the age of seventy-five I will begin to prefer the first.

All kinds of technical goods such as a refrigerator, washing machine, iron and vacuum cleaner increase the cost of renting housing. You can save money and significantly improve your life by agreeing to rent an apartment without them. Yes, when you move into an apartment and you don’t have a headache about where, what and at what price to take, it’s good. But then a lot of “buts” come into play.

Nina Frolova

For example, I lived in an apartment with a refrigerator, which made almost the same noise as the plane during landing. I named him Pafnutii Ignatievich and occasionally asked him to work quieter at night. But that didn’t help.

I had an iron in the same apartment one name, not an iron. It was very small, and even a cat could be stroked with it, because it barely worked.

The vacuum cleaner only partially sucked up the dust. He worked better as a fitness trainer because I had to put in so much effort to thoroughly vacuum the entire apartment that in the process it took me seven or ten sweats, no less. So the technique is different, and sometimes it is better to buy your own, which you can then take with you or sell to the next tenants.


And fourth – instead of ten points at once
The cost of renting a rented apartment is influenced by many parameters, up to whether this is the only income from the apartment owners. But the main secret of success is how to rent a house, it is your ability to negotiate and argue why you are offering just such a fee for it. Remember: Adequate apartment owners will appreciate not only the money you bring them every month, but the fact that they can safely entrust you with their property.

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Maxim Samsonov

In general, choosing a rented apartment can be compared to choosing a lover. “This is for one night” he thinks. “This is for life” she thinks. “This is two years, no more”, life will answer them … You can never predict how long you will live at a specific address – one month or eleven years. But who is stopping you from living this time with pleasure and in the environment that you want?

Share your experience with us – how to rent a home? What should you pay attention to first of all and what can you save on without sacrificing your own comfort?

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