The airline lost its luggage. Where to run and what to do?


The long flight is over, you finally reached your destination and enthusiastically follow with the flow of other passengers to the baggage claim point. Time passes, the rows of those waiting are thinning, and your suitcase does not want to appear on the coveted ribbon. You frantically peer into the void, hoping to see the familiar shape … But alas. The tape has stopped, and you are completely alone and not understanding what to do, how to be, where to run .. But remember: the main thing is to calm down and follow these points:

1 Take your time to leave the baggage claim area. To begin with, you should check in the “lost and found table” if your suitcase was not. Then contact the airport staff and request the completion of the “On malfunctions in the transportation of baggage” statement. (PIR) This will help you to officially report the loss and describe the lost items. Remember: if you do not fill out this act, then with a high degree of probability the airline will refuse to solve your problem.


2 If your baggage is lost abroad, the airline carrier is obliged to provide you with a set of essential items. This list varies depending on the rules of the airlines, but in most cases you are entitled to receive:

– a set of toiletries;

– reimbursement of expenses for clothing, linen and toiletries within a fixed amount, subject to the provision of receipts confirming the purchase;

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– payment of a fixed amount daily for a certain period of time.


3 If you are completely unlucky and the baggage has not been found after 21 days, you are entitled to monetary compensation for the lost items. To obtain compensation for lost property, you will need a detailed inventory of the contents of your baggage and an estimate of its value. Given that the carrier rarely pays the amount recovered in full, the maximum possible amount of reimbursement should be indicated.

For a successful outcome of the case, you should collect the following documents:

  • baggage irregularities report (PIR);
  • boarding pass;
  • baggage check;
  • receipts for the purchase of essential items (conditions depend on the airline);
  • a list of the contents of the baggage and its estimated value;
  • Bank details;
  • copy of your passport or identity card.

But any problem is easier to prevent than to deal with its consequences. Therefore, make sure that your luggage travels comfortably. Upon arrival at the airport, head to the check-in counter for your flight. The necessary information about its location can be found on the screens of the airport. The rules for the carriage of baggage are different for all airlines, so you should find out in advance what requirements for the weight and dimensions of suitcases apply in your case. If the things you need do not fit into the acceptable framework, be prepared for additional payments that arise. If you are going to transport fragile or fragile products, be sure to take a label with the words “Fragile” at registration. This will help to protect the contents of the suitcases as much as possible from damage from the employees of the airline and the airport. Remember that baby strollers, musical instruments and sporting goods are allowed to be carried into the aircraft cabin or added to baggage in excess of the allowed limit.

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When choosing a suitcase or bag for a flight, try to choose a bright and memorable option. Baggage can be distinguished by color, shape or accessories. The main thing is that it is conspicuous, and when it appears on the tape, you can easily identify it. If you are used to your old suitcase and do not want to purchase a new one, try to add a memorable element to it. It could be a sticker, a bow or even a photograph. An excellent help in case of loss of a suitcase will be your contact information, attached in a conspicuous place. This will allow employees to promptly contact you and return precious luggage.


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