The hour has come: How to choose, supply and decorate a live spruce

Фотоохота: Новогодняя подсветка загородного дома и сада — 26 идей

A live spruce can stand in your apartment until the Old New Year, having lost at most a dozen needles. To do this, you just need to choose the right Christmas tree and not be lazy to take care of it for several weeks. Our tree care tips will come in handy from mid-December to mid-January.

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Find a place for the tree
When you look at the interior of your home, wondering where to put your Christmas tree on New Year’s, you don’t see many options. Especially considering the restrictions: you cannot put the tree in a draft (next to the balcony door) or next to heating radiators.

Consider the size of the room when you are going to the market to choose a Christmas tree for the New Year. It will be a shame if the tree takes up half of the living room and leaves no room for passage or, on the contrary, gets lost somewhere behind the armchair. The taller the Christmas tree, the larger the toys should be: a small tree with huge balls will look disproportionate.

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How to buy a long-lived Christmas tree?
How to distinguish a fresh tree from an old one? Very easy: the elastic branches of a young spruce bend easily, dry ones break with a bang.

If, when buying a Christmas tree for the New Year, you will be offered to pack it in polyethylene, do not refuse. But this service is not available at every Christmas tree bazaar, so take a spacious blanket or at least an old sheet with you. The fact is that spruce does not tolerate temperature extremes, so it is important to prepare it for moving from the street to a city apartment by wrapping it in a cloth along the way, let it “acclimatize” in a cool place – for example, in the entrance or on the balcony.

Advice: If you could not choose a lush tree or the branches grow unevenly on it, you can create a visual deception – decorate the New Year tree near the trunk with a voluminous green garland.

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How to extend the life of a tree?
An important condition is the availability of water. Getting into a dry room, the tree experiences real stress and begins to get rid of the needles in horror: if you do not want to deprive the natural cover of the New Year’s tree in the very first days, the trunk needs to be moistened at least from time to time. First of all, as soon as the spruce is acclimatized in the apartment, you need to clean the trunk and immerse it in a tank of water, and then maintain humidity regardless of which installation method you choose.

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We found an interesting technique among the photographs from the IKEA WINTER 2015 New Year collection: vessels of different diameters are taken, the inner one is filled with water, the outer one is filled with Christmas balls. In addition to a creative approach to the installation process, this technique is also interesting in that it allows you to shift decorative accents, because in this case it is not the tree that is dressed up, but its base.

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Choosing a small Christmas tree, you can safely put it on a table or chest of drawers – an excellent solution for owners of active cats. When the tree is high off the floor, it is less likely to be knocked down during the cat’s “hunt” for balls.

Advice: Water can be mixed with glycerin (teaspoon per liter). An aspirin tablet will protect the Christmas tree from bacteria, and a tablespoon of salt and sugar will serve as good nutrition.

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Mount on the crosspiece
Among the ways to put up a New Year tree, the simplest and most barbaric is confidently leading – to fix the trunk with a wooden or metal crosspiece. It would seem that this technique is a real salvation for busy people, because the installation takes no more than ten minutes. But not every crosspiece allows you to place at least a small glass jar of water below, which would nourish the New Year tree.

Advice: If you do choose a cross, before installing, cut the trunk from the bottom and put a woolen cloth soaked in water and glycerin into it – it will need to be changed every week.

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Installation in a bucket of wet sand
It is more humane to provide the tree with moisture, but at the same time to achieve a stable position of the tree. This issue is especially acute in families where there are animals or small children who can disturb the tree out of pure curiosity.

If you decide to put the tree in a container of water or sand, carefully clean the trunk at the base so that the moisture level is above the bare trunk. Do not forget to regularly moisten the sand or add water: perhaps your spruce will not only stand all the New Year’s holidays, but will also give new shoots, and the characteristic spruce aroma will “live” in the house all the holidays.

Advice: A floristic sponge can act as a nutrient substrate for the New Year tree.

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Folk ways of attaching a Christmas tree
There are craftsmen who fix the barrel in a tire from a small car, and it, in turn, is placed in a large saucepan. Others turn the stool over and choose dishes for the Christmas tree that fit in diameter between the legs.

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Closer to life solutions with supporting bricks or foam, from which circles are cut out to the diameter of the dish, – they keep the spruce in a stable state.

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How do I hide the mount?
With the obvious benefits for the Christmas tree, the technique with a pot or a jar can hardly be called aesthetic. To hide an unsightly mount, a large basket or wooden box will come in handy. Another option is to disguise the design with a pile of gift boxes or buy a special “skirt” that fits over the crosspiece. Solid or patterned, made of natural materials or synthetics, “skirts” today are designed for any budget and for an interior in any style.

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How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year?
If you plan to decorate your Christmas tree with an electric garland, start with it: firstly, it will be more convenient to fix the lights in a spiral, and secondly, the bulbs will not obscure other decor.

Advice: If you are planning to buy a garland to decorate a Christmas tree, we advise you to choose a model with faceted bulbs for the Christmas tree: unlike smooth ones, they give more festive glare.

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If you want to beautifully decorate the tree with balls, start from the largest to the smallest. Large ones are usually placed on the lower branches and hung first. If you don’t know how to decorate a Christmas tree using decor of approximately the same size (for example, balls that resemble snowballs), remember that slight asymmetry will help to achieve variety.

There are several popular ways to beautifully decorate a Christmas tree with balls.

  • Spiral hanging – a row of identical balls surrounds the spruce several times, going down from top to bottom.
  • The ring hanging assumes that the toys form several circles around the Christmas tree, and layers of garlands are placed between them.
  • Axial hanging – you can arrange the decor along vertical lines, letting in a shiny rain in between. By the way, such a technique will not only decorate the Christmas tree, but also visually pull up a lush, but low tree.

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With or without tinsel?
Decide for yourself how to decorate the tree – if you have spectacular toys that you want to consider, there is no need to distract attention from them with shiny New Year’s paraphernalia.

In recent years, non-standard decorative techniques have become more and more popular, for example, you can decorate a Christmas tree with eco-friendly wooden crafts, ginger cookies or plush toys. This is a good reason to welcome the totem animal of the year, although according to the Chinese calendar, it only comes into its own in February.

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In 2016, we will live under the sign of the Fiery Monkey – she likes red and its shades, as well as everything bright and shiny, so you don’t have to limit yourself in a creative approach to decorating a Christmas tree for the New Year.

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Idea: it is possible without toys
How else to decorate the Christmas tree? The redundancy in accessories characteristic of the New Year is alien to many. In this case, you do not need to decorate the Christmas tree for the New Year at all, focusing on the decor of the house: the forest beauty will attract attention even without additional tinsel.

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What to do with branches?
When you plant a spruce, you will most likely be left with trimmed lower branches. Instead of throwing them away, decorate unexpected surfaces (like the space between cabinets and the kitchen ceiling) or a dresser countertop.

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Spruce branches are also useful for decorating the table for the New Year: they can be used to create a festive composition with candles and cones. The main thing is that the candles are in thick and tall candlesticks, and not that there is a danger of inadvertently setting up a fire instead of a gala dinner.

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How to do the cleaning?
For obvious reasons, a New Year’s tree will crumble over time – if possible, install it on a bare floor, and not on a carpet, so you will significantly save energy during cleaning. When the time comes to say goodbye to the main attribute of the holiday, spread a few newspaper spreads under the tree, and then carefully remove the toys and pack them in boxes – this way most of the needles will remain on the paper, and not on the floor.

If the spruce is small, carefully remove it from the holder and place it in a large garbage bag (or the plastic in which you brought the tree from the market). A piece of construction polyethylene, which is sold in any construction supermarket, will come in handy.

Advice: It is better to carefully cut a large tree over newspaper sheets, and then take it out in packages in parts, without staining either the apartment or the entrance.

Share your life hacks on how to choose a Christmas tree, install and care for living Christmas trees. Add your tips in the comments below the article!

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