There is a Time for Everything: How Age Affects Our Interior Preferences

Есть проблема: беспорядок на кухонной столешнице

Over the years of my bureau’s work, I have had to work with different customers. They are different not only in views, worldview, financial status, but also in age. After analyzing numerous conversations with my clients and their wishes, I decided to share my conclusions: what interests a customer in interior design at the age of 20-40 – and at 60.

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya | Studio “Cozy Apartment”

Evgeniya Ostrovskaya

18-24 years old: student decadence
The percentage of young clients in my practice is small. As a rule, parents ask to make a beautiful interior for their children, but there are also extremely independent and independent young guys – quite open and creative. Any designer loves to work with these.

Usually in such youth projects there is always a place for the designer’s self-expression; young people willingly work with my young designers (free from stereotypes) – try to offer such a forty-year-old customer! And the most reckless ideas, as a rule, are accepted by young people with a bang.

The main limitation is the budget (it is usually quite modest). The entire design of the youth interior is built around this compromise lifestyle – the obvious desire to “hang out” today, even if tomorrow you have to be left with a skinny wallet.

Studio Stamp

What are the youth asking for? About an interior in which there are no problems: it is easy to clean, it is easy to find a place for things, and the vocation of furniture is to be functional and mobile (really, well, how else can you put four people to bed and spread the table for the whole company). All kinds of rare things, decorative textiles, mixing of style accents are actively accepted in the decor. This is dictated by the fact that the interior is very dynamic: it easily adapts to the changing lifestyle of its owners, their needs and aspirations.

In most cases, styles such as Scandinavian, loft, kitsch, bohemian, street become desirable. They are spontaneous and free enough to express themselves creatively. For example, the Scandinavian style accepts a lot of interesting and variegated textures and textile decor, while the rest are just a priori beautiful for young people.

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya | Studio “Cozy Apartment”


  • IKEA. Seriously, today in the IKEA catalogs you can find a lot of ready-made and fairly budgetary ideas suitable for the dynamic life of young people.
  • Carlo Rampazzi. This designer is not just a lover of colors and unexpected contrasts, but a destroyer of stereotypes and a violator of all kinds of “dress codes”. Young people are often inspired by rebels and love such interiors without rules.
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Photo: Carlo Rampazzi

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

25-35: mature youth
At this age, most young people have a stable job, their first home of their own. Someone gets married, someone travels, and the worldview grows stronger, and experience begins to slowly drip into the ocean of impressions.

The interior is largely dependent on income and interests, the personality of its owner. As in the student body, the way of life in these years is very dynamic: an independent person absorbs with his eyes and ears, and this is reflected in the space in which he exists. Most of the clients in this age group are young families. They are still ready to accept non-standard ideas, but the ergonomics of the interior are already at the forefront.

Matthew MacCaul Turner

It is very important to have a heart-to-heart talk with them in order to select the right designer among the bureau staff for such clients. Someone needs an interior with a reserve for replenishment, someone works a lot and asks to equip a functional home office and a place to relax. Usually, fusion and eclecticism are most often asked of styles, but someone has already grown up to modern classics. Many come with their own ready-made ideas, and often they are quite interesting – there is something to start from. An interior with an eye on five guests is already rarely ordered, but finding a place for a bicycle (hockey uniform, surfboard) is often.

I observe the way clients communicate, and then I invite them to choose several visually appealing interiors for them – on the Houzz website or from our portfolio. Based on this conversation, I try to choose the specialist who works best in this style and corresponds to the customer in psychotype.

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya | Studio “Cozy Apartment”


  • Karim Rashid. If you want bright colors of modernity, unexpected shapes and dynamics.
  • Christopher Hall. It builds its interiors at the intersection of modern European design and oriental architectural traditions. This is clearly visible not only in his projects, but also in the furniture that he designs, inventing intricate metal structures based on arabesques.

Photo: Christopher Hall

Chad Jackson Photography

35-45: fulcrum
In middle-aged years, the interior, as a rule, is a reflection of wealth, family values. Or vice versa – a “bachelor” way of life, which is an absolute norm in modern society. Therefore, stability here lies either in confidence in the future with your family, or in yourself. One way or another, the financial life of such customers is usually successful: the “second youth” begins both in life and in the interior.

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The key wish for the interior is order, personal space, comfort. Everything should be subordinated to the harmonious coexistence in the interior of different people with different needs: parents do not sacrifice a bedroom for the sake of a nursery – both are needed. And everyone should be comfortable. And I also noticed that at this age people are very eager to relax.

Galina Mikulik Design Bureau

Perhaps the contingent of 40 years and older is the overwhelming majority of our clients. To them, I suggest those bureau designers who enjoy working with restrained colors, calm forms – who are able to select, first of all, convenient and comfortable options and functional solutions. These clients need a patient, moderately malleable and at the same time persistent specialist, experienced enough to simultaneously be able to listen and not succumb to pressure.

As a rule, by this period of life, a person clearly tends to one of the poles – the laconicism of minimalism, a feeling of comfort from modern classics or delight from polished Art Deco.

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya | Studio “Cozy Apartment”


  • Jean-Louis Denio. A favorite of the Russian edition of Architectural Digest, this pleasant Frenchman masterfully mixes elements of neoclassicism with Art Deco and contemporary art objects.
  • Thomas Fizant. The American decorator and furniture designer does not like bright unexpected splashes; warm creamy shades prevail in his projects, and the emphasis is not on color, but on texture.

Photo: Jean Louis Deniot interiors

Flagg Coastal Homes

45 to 65: Dance while you’re young
Surprisingly, observing people of this generation, I increasingly come to the conclusion that by the age of 50, life begins in a second circle. Parents finally released the children from the nest, but have not yet received their grandchildren in their arms and go on trips, sign up for singing or dancing lessons. And also – they go to order an interior design that reflects their individuality. It only makes me happy and delighted.

Many customers of this age come to me either with wishes in the direction of a light and airy interior, as if soaked in the sun, or literally go crazy (in a good sense of the word) and demand bright colors.

They are looking for interesting art objects, bright accents, and are ready to accept technical innovations and gadgets. By the way, young but already experienced designers find a common language with clients of this group.

The ideal option for such a customer would be a light American classic or airy coastal living, many are close to Provence. And fusion and art deco seem to be created in order to rediscover oneself and find somewhere within the creative vein and thirst for life.

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Natalia Preobrazhenskaya | Studio “Cozy Apartment”


  • David Collins. The creator of very elegant and at the same time very soulful spaces. He loves furniture of soft rounded shapes, upholstered in silk and velvet, and always chooses complex and interesting colors. Often, its interiors are built on the play of halftones and seem almost monochrome, giving the eye a rest, but not allowing it to get bored even for a second.
  • Martin Lawrence-Bullard. An excellent colorist and a very famous designer, she loves to dilute traditional European furniture with all sorts of exotic details like cabinets with oriental inlay or Chinese screens.

Photo: David Collins interiors

Calvis Wyant Luxury Homes

65 and older: a decent future
At this age, different customers meet – someone dreams of a calm harbor and a peaceful company in a summer cottage, while someone still travels to Europe for theatrical holidays.

Perhaps, during these years, the customer himself becomes a real source of values ​​and interest. After all, the accumulated experience, social and cultural baggage should be reflected in the interior. Most people at this age will prefer the traditional approach.

Paul Craig Photography

Typically, the designer will choose comfortable and “squat” upholstered furniture for them, offer vintage decor, wooden wall cladding. When such clients come to us, I advise them to talk to a designer who is well versed in the classics, and I recommend a portfolio of interiors in country houses. It is unlikely that in the declining years you will want to chase newfangled design solutions – it is better to take care of the most practical option for maximum comfort, which these warm and cozy interiors provide.

Natalia Preobrazhenskaya | Studio “Cozy Apartment”


  • Axel Wedworth. The interiors of this experienced designer are often sparsely furnished, but he selects things exclusively with character and history, so they never have the coldness inherent in minimalism.
  • Serge Castella. This beautiful decorator claims that his favorite sound is the cozy creak of a floorboard in a country house, and he creates interiors in such a way that you will never guess that it is the work of a professional. At the same time, the spaces surprisingly bear the imprint of a rich history.

Photo: Axel Vervoordt design

SuzAnn Kletzien Design

What do you think, how much does a person’s age affect his interior? What kind of interiors do you prefer and what character do they have?
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