You can learn more about the Tyumen Region at the region’s stand as part of the Know Ours: Summer 2021 online exhibition.

Hot springs lined with evergreen pines, wooden houses with carved shutters that preserve centuries of history, restaurants with exotic northern cuisine, lakes, drilling and endless forests. This is a bird’s eye view of the land of merchants, romantics, oilmen and business people – the Tyumen region. If your tourists have not been here yet, it’s time to introduce them to her better and include her in their tourist itinerary. There are at least five reasons for this.

You can learn more about the Tyumen Region at the region’s stand as part of the Know Ours: Summer 2021 online exhibition.

Ancient thermal sea of ​​Siberia

Sending tourists to capital of the region – Tyumen, be sure to advise them take a swimsuit. It relevant here in any time of the year. After all, plunge into thermal waters gushing from the ground, – how to touch paradise. There are many sources here – on the every taste. AND for those wishing to dissolve in silence, and for fun companies, and for tourists with children. They are not only relax, maintain skin tone, but and give healing power.

The special composition of the waters on sources can be used to relax the body and recuperation. By according to geologists, such an inheritance went to the Tyumen region from of the ancient West Siberian Sea. About 70 million years ago, sharks, rays, fish, crabs and other inhabitants of a subtropical reservoir. BUT tourists come today to feel on yourself this energy and strength.

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Historical heritage

The history of the first cities of Siberia can be read in architecture. Just take a look at wooden dignified mansions and solid stone houses of merchants of Tyumen and Tobolsk, who lived in them over a century ago. The Tobolsk Kremlin deserves special attention Is a real gem of stone architecture. It is here with At the beginning of the 18th century, there was the control center of Siberia. It is noteworthy that in those times, stone building was only allowed in St. Petersburg. Peter I himself gave the highest consent to erection of the Kremlin in Tobolsk, so this building is not just beautiful, but and unique.

Contribution to development of the region contributed born here Remezov, Mendeleev, Ershov, and also those who ended up here by to the will of fate, – Muravyov, Krasnokutsky, Kuchelbecker and a lot others.

Siberian gastronomy

Local restaurateurs are ready to surprise even the most discerning gourmet. So, in restaurant-museum you can taste stroganin from muksun, stewed bear meat, legendary Sosva herring and other dishes of the cuisine of the peoples of the North. IN some establishments serve masterpieces of noble gastronomy by reconstituted recipes XVIII century. Draw tourists’ attention to vinaigrette with mushrooms and Olivier with cancerous necks. Lovers of culinary experiments will be surprised by the fusion dishes created on based on the traditions of high merchant style and culinary hits of the USSR. Flavored Siberian liqueurs infused by local masters with knowledge of the matter and love.

Feel like an oil worker

Western Siberia since the development of oil and gas fields attracted enthusiasts and romantics with the whole country. Today this land – the largest oil and gas province, the initial total reserves of which are 60% of the national raw material resource of Russia. Learn about the history of the development of oil and gas Siberia, see how oil production is going on, eat black fish soup and pass the rite of passage in oil workers tourists will be able to within the tour “Black Gold of Siberia”.

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Siberian holiday

Each tourist imagines the rest in his own way. For some, it’s a hunt and fishing, for others – hot bath. Travelers will find all this in Tyumen. Send them in hunting grounds, where in dependence on season you can go to wild boar, roe deer or pheasant. BUT they can also be transported to Cossack life XIX century, finding himself in a real chopped hut, eat pies from ovens, listen to old songs.

Of course, this is not everything that the Tyumen region is famous for. IN it also widely presents event, business and active tourism. Learn about rest in The Tyumen region, more is possible here

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