We have studied the descriptions of more than a thousand hostels in the largest cities of Russia and identified those that allow travelers not only to save on accommodation, but also to get aesthetic pleasure from it.

As a rule, for the sake of low rates, hostel owners reduce costs as much as possible, which can make hostels look ascetic. But recently, more and more atmospheric and non-standard projects have begun to appear that are not inferior in their aesthetics to full-format accommodation facilities. Comparing hostels according to five key criteria (interior design, furniture, additional items and decor, organization of public areas, harmonious solutions), we have selected fifteen objects worthy of the title of the most beautiful hostels in Russia.

The list of finalists includes hostels from eight cities of the country: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Kaliningrad, Kazan, Krasnodar, Vladivostok and Yekaterinburg. The study took into account only those properties that position themselves in booking systems as hostels, and not, for example, hotels with shared rooms or capsule hotels.

“Offers of unusual hostels are addressed primarily to a new generation of travelers, demanding and economical at the same time. Such objects are sometimes called not hostels, but hostels. From the English “posh” – “chic”. Postels began to appear actively in Russia before the World Cup, but in large cities this process will continue in the coming years. The cost of a night in hostels, which we ranked among the most beautiful, starts from 400 rubles per day. Of course, due to this, they are in great demand and can even be fully booked for weekends or holidays ”

Director of the hotel direction OneTwoTrip Maxim Karaush

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Soul Kitchen, St. Petersburg. Accommodation from 1368 rubles / day

Netizen, St. Petersburg. Accommodation from 637 rubles / day

Photo: Hostel Netizen

Twin cities melbourne, St. Petersburg. Accommodation from 587 rubles / day

Photo: Hostel Twin Cities Melbourne

Safe haven, St. Petersburg. Accommodation from 365 rubles / day

Photo: Hostel Safe Haven

Friends on sennaya, St. Petersburg. Accommodation from 270 rubles / day

Photo: Hostel Friends on Sennaya

Icon Hostel, Moscow. Accommodation from 1470 rubles / day

Photo: Hostel Icon Hostel

Sputnik Hostel, Moscow. Accommodation from 1200 rubles / day

Photo: Hostel Sputnik Hostel

GoodMood, Moscow. Accommodation from 1117 rubles / day

Photo: GoodMood Hostel

Netizen, Moscow. Accommodation from 757 rubles / day

Photo: Hostel Netizen

Inwood, Krasnoyarsk. Accommodation from 1395 rubles / day

Photo: Hostel Inwood

Suffix, Kaliningrad. Accommodation from 518 rubles / day

Photo: Suffix Hostel

Sleep space, Kazan. Accommodation from 375 rubles / day

Photo: Hostel Sleep Space

“Shukhov”, Krasnodar. Accommodation from 441 rubles / day

Photo: Hostel "Shukhov"

IZBA, Vladivostok. Accommodation from 570 rubles / day

Photo: Hostel IZBA

RED, Ekaterinburg. Accommodation from 410 rubles / day