Top 5 Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Puerto Rico
Top 5 Places to Visit in Puerto Rico
Top 5 Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

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Tourists have traveled for many years to the beautiful beaches and lush landscapes of Puerto Rico. Now that the pandemic has subsided, travelers will be keen to return to one of the best places to visit in Puerto Rico.
Updated Travel Rules for Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico recently changed the rules of travel. Starting May 25, fully vaccinated citizens arriving on domestic flights to Puerto Rico are no longer required to submit a negative Covid-19 test result. However, it is best to review Puerto Rico’s Covid-19 travel guidelines before you travel. Since Puerto Rico is under the protection of the United States, tourists leaving the island do not need to take a test to return to the mainland. Add these top places in Puerto Rico to your travel list this summer.
Discover historic San Juan
The city of San Juan has a lot to offer the visitor. San Juan has world-class beaches, casinos, parks, museums and more. In Old San Juan, you can relive the past wherever you look. As you walk through the seven square blocks, notice the cobblestone streets and colorful Spanish colonial buildings. One of the highlights are the dungeons, tunnels, ramps and outposts at Castillo San Felipe El Morro. San Juan and the surrounding area are a must-see on any Puerto Rico itinerary.
El Yunque National Forest
El Yunque National Forest is considered the only rainforest in the US National Forest System. The park has 38 kilometers of trails for hiking and exploring an 11,330 hectare forest. There are about 240 species of trees in the forest, as well as many other plants. These include giant ferns, bamboo and trumpet trees, and small wild orchids. Visitors will see wildlife such as the Puerto Rican parrot, the coca frog and the Puerto Rican boa constrictor. For relaxation in the forest, there is a scenic treetop path and camping sites.
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Have fun on the beach at Playa Flamenco
Playa Flamenco is located on the island of Culebra and is ideal for snorkelling. This beautiful stretch of white sand and clear calm blue waters is one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico. One of the biggest attractions here is the Tank, left over from the occupation of Culebra by the US Navy. Playa Flamenco Beach is fully equipped with guest amenities including showers and changing rooms, a camping site and kiosks serving delicious Puerto Rican food. Getting to Playa Flamenco is as easy as taking a ferry or taking a short flight from San Juan.
Visit the majestic city of Ponce
The second largest city in Puerto Rico was founded in 1692 by Loiza Ponce de Leon, the great-grandson of Juan Ponce de Leon. The city center of Ponce is the quintessence of 17th century colonial history and has been declared a national treasure. On your visit to Ponce, take a look at the Plaza de las Delicias, located in the city center. The square has beautiful fountains, park benches and a cathedral. The Parc des Bombas has an unusual red and black fire station that dates back to 1882 and is now a museum.
Go underground in the Kamui Caves
Camui River Cave Park is considered one of Puerto Rico’s must-see attractions. These underground caves were carved by the Kamui River over a million years ago. This park is one of the largest cave networks in the world. Experts believe that only about seven miles of these caves have been explored. Well-groomed trails in the park descend into a 60-meter-deep ravine that leads into these impressive caves. Guided tours are available at many points in the park, including caves and funnels. Kamui Cave Park has many amenities including picnic tables, a gift shop, grocery stores, and an exhibition hall.

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