TOP 6 Travel Mistakes


It is difficult to find a person who would not enjoy traveling. We all look forward to the vacation and plan in advance what it will be: which country we will go to, what we will do there and what souvenirs we will bring. But alas, sometimes we destroy the ideal picture of the trip with our own hands, making certain mistakes. What mistakes happen most often and how to avoid them – we will tell you in this article.

1. Keep all your money in one place

Many novice travelers are so excited about the upcoming trip that they lose their vigilance. So, all the funds accumulated over the year, which should ensure a luxurious vacation at the resort, go into one bag. But there are a lot of scammers everywhere, especially at train stations, airports and in all places attractive for tourists. Should you be distracted for a moment – and voila, your savings are already with another owner, and you find yourself in a very difficult situation in an unfamiliar country. To avoid this, it is enough to divide the finances into several parts before the trip and put them in different places. The main thing is to remember how much and where you hid. It is even better if you have a minimum of cash, and most of your finances will be on your bank card, which you will not leave unattended.


2. Book excursions at the hotel

It is no secret that tourists are the main source of income in many cities and even countries. On vacation, we relax, remove all prohibitions and restrictions from ourselves, and strive to get the most out of the rest. This is used by those whose earnings depend on the guests of hotels around the world. At the hotel reception, you will be told with a smile and good nature about wonderful excursions that you will not hesitate to pay for without even paying attention to the cost. But if you leave the hotel and walk 100-300 meters to the nearest tourist office – and voila – the cost of the same excursions will be 10-15% lower. In addition, it should be borne in mind that you will also have to pay extra for native speech abroad. So, ordering a service in a Russian-speaking agency will cost you more than in one that speaks the local language.

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3. Challenging appearance

Surely on vacation you met funny characters. Burnt men in caps with earflaps, charming ladies diligently trying to walk along the beach on stiletto heels and people-souvenirs scurrying back and forth with frightened eyes, on which everything that can be purchased in local shops is hung. Remember, the tourist is a walking wallet for merchants and live money for scammers. The more you look like a local, the calmer your vacation will be. Therefore, try to choose the right clothes and look as natural as possible. And souvenirs are best kept in a suitcase.


4. A large number of things

Going on a trip, do not have to lug your entire wardrobe with you. Most of the things you won’t even get out of your suitcase. And the bulky luggage will cause you a lot of problems. It is best to pick up a medium sized bag and fill it a little more than half. And the rest of the place will come in handy when you pack souvenirs and gifts purchased during your vacation.


5. Do not take documents for hotel reservation and flight in the printed form

The 21st century has made us lazy. We are too lazy to remember information, because we can find it in a smartphone, too lazy to look for a way, because you can get a route in the navigator, too lazy to cook food, because you can order it .. The charms of modern gadgets are undeniable, they made our life easier, but played at the same time a cruel joke with us. Today, a situation is very common when a traveler, relying on his smartphone, does not take with him any documents confirming a hotel reservation or car rental. But here’s the trouble: The plane has landed, and the smartphone refuses to turn on. Either the Internet does not work, or all the saved data has disappeared .. What should I do? How to be? After all, you don’t even remember the address of the hotel where you planned to stay ..

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To relieve yourself of unnecessary stress and ruined rest, print all documents and vouchers in advance and keep with you. They will not take up much space, but they guarantee peace of mind and reliability.


6. Use expensive mobile communications while roaming

The word “roaming” is awe-inspiring for most of us. “I can’t speak, I’m in roaming”, “Call me back, I have expensive outgoing calls in roaming” … We’ve all heard or said such phrases at least once. But for a long time there was an excellent opportunity to be in touch with loved ones anywhere in the world, while not losing precious money on the account! Goodline has been pleasing travelers with its favorable rates for several years now. Did you know that the Internet abroad can cost from 30 kopecks, and calls to Russia on Viber can be free at all ?! It’s real with Goodline! Now you can communicate with loved ones, post photos and read about attractions without fear of extortionate communication costs! Just choose the tariff that suits you best and enjoy your trip!

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