Traveling economically is easy!

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Want to know the most interesting travel savings secrets? We’ll show you how to save your budget and get the most out of your trip! So, about the pros and cons – a little about everything!


Savings on connecting flights. You should always think about tickets in advance. Please note that direct flights are almost always more expensive. Flights with connections will sometimes cost much less. But for a low price you have to pay with your own time – it happens that the waiting time at the airport between flights reaches 12-14 hours. Before buying a cheap multi-stop ticket, carefully check the time between connections and departure airports. It may even turn out that you have to collect your luggage and travel to another airport to fly to the next city. Think about whether you are ready for these expectations and relocation. If yes, then feel free to buy tickets, and go!



Choose a hotel further from the center (or from the sea). Keep in mind that even the most seedy hotel in the center of a large city or on the very shore of a resort will cost as a five-star hotel on the outskirts. If you need to walk 5-10 minutes to the beach, this will not spoil your vacation at sea, and the hotel will delight you with a low price and good service. The same goes for hotels in big cities. If there are 3 metro stops from the hotel to the center, this will not play a big role in time, but it will allow you to live in a hotel with high service at an affordable price.

Book a room without canceling your booking. Nowadays, modern online booking systems offer the opportunity to book a room at the lowest price, provided that you do not change your mind. This means that you must definitely check into the hotel on the dates indicated… Otherwise, the money for accommodation will not be returned to you. Keep in mind that any opportunity to cancel a reservation (especially cancellation without penalty) will instantly increase the cost of living in any room category.


Restaurants and cafes

Book a room without meals. Very often hotels tend to sell rooms with breakfasts. This, of course, increases the cost of living, but does not mean that you need breakfast or you will like it. A self-catering room is much cheaper and you don’t have to get up early to visit the hotel cafe. Abroad, they like to serve very early breakfasts from 7 to 9 in the morning. So if you are a night owl and get up no earlier than 10-11 am, then you don’t need breakfast. But if you are planning an active vacation and excursions, then a quick early breakfast will come in handy for you.

Eat at a café around the corner. There is nothing wrong here if you eat in a cafe or restaurant on the next street. Very often, chic restaurants are built on the street where the hotel is located. The prices in them are very high, as they are calculated on the fact that an inexperienced tourist will eat with them. If you walk along the neighboring streets and take a close look at the establishments, you can easily choose a cafe or restaurant with homemade food and adequate prices!


Buy tickets online. If you are going to visit any establishment abroad – be it an amusement park, museum, concert or theater performance – buy tickets online whenever possible. Tickets are sold online on the websites of establishments or at electronic ticket offices. They are almost always cheaper than buying locally. If your hotel does not have Internet, your mobile will come to your aid Internet from GoodLine, which should always be at your fingertips. This SIM card provides Internet access abroad on the most favorable terms. You can buy tickets, for example, to the Louvre or the Colosseum at the lowest price from your mobile phone, even if you are standing in front of the entrance. Just show the barcode of your ticket on your mobile phone screen! You will appreciate the convenience of online booking

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