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10 важных моментов при обустройстве кухни на свежем воздухе

In addition to the drama club and the photo circle, there are a lot of exciting activities for the child: somewhere they teach to draw, somewhere to understand architecture, and somewhere to build whole cities – the main thing is that your child will definitely have a great time and learn a lot of new things.

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1. At museums
A huge number of children’s events are held in Moscow museums – on an ongoing basis, or in the form of a series of courses, or one-time – for example, on the occasion of a particular holiday.

An unusual program of educational activities for children from 5 to 16 years old can be found in the Creative Studios of the NCCA: in addition to the fairly common courses in ceramics, the National Center for Contemporary Art also has programs in animation, video art and book graphics. Despite the fact that classes take place during the school year and began in September, there is an opportunity to attend a one-time lesson in any of the directions.

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The Art Club of the Museum of Moscow, designed for children aged 3-5 years, promises to “take into account the age and individual characteristics of children and take care of the formation of taste” of young painters. It works, like the GSCI courses, throughout the school year, that is, until the end of May, but you can join the course from any lesson. In addition, every Sunday the museum hosts excursions “Fabulous Moscow” for children and their parents – the program, in addition to direct visits to the halls, includes master classes on creating an old bow or sword, jewelry or painting a chest.

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The upcoming program of the Museum of Moscow also includes a small course “Architecture and Urban Planning: Theory and Practice”, which will last from March 5 to May 28 and will be designed for children from 5 to 12 years old.

1930s Engineering Blueprint of Monorail System by Vintage & Nostalgia

Also, two museums at once make a great emphasis on architecture and offer master classes for the smallest, introducing them to this area. Firstly, it is the Shchusev State Museum of Architecture. Here children from 7 years old and their parents can take courses “About architecture is available” and “About architecture in detail”, including theoretical lessons and master classes. In addition, MA provides classes in mosaics, the basics of carpentry and ceramics.

The second museum with an extensive architectural program for both adults and children is the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. There, young students are expected to learn about “form and color”, architectural scale and inventions.

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2. For girls
Children from 7 to 13 years old are invited to take their first steps in the fashion world to the Na Kashirke Gallery, where, starting from February 27, classes of the Design Suit creative studio will be held. The course, taught by a professional designer artist, promises to introduce children to shape, proportion and silhouette, as well as teach them to design suits from a brief.

Also, the initial knowledge of a fashion designer in particular and a designer in general can be obtained at the Modern School of Design, where, in addition to an introductory course for children from 4 to 6 years old, there are also classes devoted to specific areas of design, such as environmental design and book illustration.

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You can get acquainted with interesting and unusual design directions at the workshops of the Bureau of Happiness: their program includes classes in such areas as museum architecture, floristry, decoration, the creation of ornaments or frescoes, and even taxoderm (children will only do imitation of a stuffed animal) …

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3. For future scientists
Science workshops for children are something special: the laws of physics, familiar to every adult, seem to the young viewer to be something between magic and pure fantasy. The more pleasant it is to open the veil of secrecy and realize that with the help of physics and chemistry it is really possible to understand the world around us. There is a regular program of scientific master classes and lectures, for example, in Experimentanium, in the Center for Creative Initiatives “Perspective”, where a series of classes “Chemistry and Life”, or Innopark will be held until mid-March.

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4. Spontaneous classes (without registration)
If you need to keep your child busy unexpectedly and right now, you should pay attention to the Creative Workshops located at Winzavod: every day in their studios there are many classes, most of which do not have to be registered in advance. Which is definitely a big plus for the Moscow rhythm of life. In the Workshops, children, starting from the age of three, are taught ceramics and soap making, and starting from the age of 5-6, unlimited possibilities are revealed: here there is painting on wood, and marmorizing, and carpentry.

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Interesting classes are regularly held on the territory of the Pharmaceutical Garden, in the color composition studio of Lyudmila Solod, where you and your child can make postcards, badges and even lampshades from dried flowers with your own hands.

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More traditional and familiar to parents from children’s circles, classes in painting plates or modeling clay can still be found in small local studios or go, for example, to Moscow estates. Especially a lot of classes take place in Izmailovo.

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