Vacation Ideas: DIY – Take a Master Class

Есть проблема: беспорядок на кухонной столешнице

It’s nice to spend time and at the same time make something useful for your home, isn’t this the ideal formula for cultural leisure? For those who do not have the appropriate tools and conditions at home, we offer a selection of “weekend” master classes. That is, you can learn to do something useful in foreign territory.


1. Decoupage
A great chance to understand the difference between Provence and shabby chic under the guidance of professionals. At the Artzone decor workshop on Pushkinskaya, starting from January 4, they are ready to teach you basic decoupage techniques that can be applied on any surfaces – from boxes to cabinets.

What: tray decoupage, metallics staining, gold decoupage
Dates: January 4, 5, 6, 8, 10
Price: from 1700 rub.
Address: Moscow, metro “Pushkinskaya”, Nastasinsky lane
Schedule and appointment by link

2. Glass painting
In the workshop of Natalia Tarasova, you can take decoupage classes for beginners. And also learn how to paint glass and make a Christmas mirror.

What: cabinet decoupage, Sicilian lace, glass painting
Dates: January 5, 6, 8, 9, 10
Price: from 2500 rub.
Address: Moscow, metro “Taganskaya”, Vorontsovskaya street
Schedule and appointment by link

Sofie barfoed

Jours & Nuits

3. Pottery, hand molding, glaze painting
In addition to the production of pleasant ceramics for sale, Terracotta Ceramics workshop is engaged in “complete” master classes on hand sculpting or making objects on a potter’s wheel. During the holidays, the school will offer a series of lessons, including the “Christmas Ceramics Course”, which consists of four 2-hour lessons that include pottery theory and practice and familiarity with basic materials and working techniques, as well as hand sculpting and glaze painting. which must first be “tamed like a dragon.”

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Dates: individual lessons by appointment – starting from January 5, ceramics course – January 5-8, Christmas master class in hand-made clay – January 7 and 11
Price: individual lessons – from 1000 rubles, master class – 3500 rubles, course – 9000 rubles.
Address: Moscow, metro “Tushinskaya”, st. Freedom
Schedule and appointment by link

Maud Trolliet Ceramic

4. Country walk and pottery master class
The family pottery workshop of Ilya Kalashnikov is distinguished not only by the passionate love of its founder for the craft, but also by its location outside the city (17 km from Moscow).

It is worth setting off on the “Fairytale Journey” for the whole day, being ready for a complete immersion in manual labor, starting with a tour of the production and ending with leisurely work at the potter’s wheel.

Dates: January 3-10
Price: 3500 rub., 5000 rub. – for a family of two adults and two children
Address: Ilyinsky village
Schedule and record here

Specht Architects

5. Master classes at your home for a large company
If suddenly there are a lot of people who want to make art and the area allows, then we advise you to invite the master to an on-site master class right to your home – it turns out that there are such services.

Workshop: Master Craftskin
What: soap making, dream catchers, blacksmithing and others
Dates: by agreement
Price: from 8000 rub.
List of master classes and recording by link

Franziska Land

6. Decorative pillow
Workshop: creative workshop MOX
What: painting, creating a decorative pillow

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The creative workshop MOX opened its doors just a few days ago and immediately presented an extensive creative program, including for the January holidays – in addition to the opportunity to independently write a triptych or paintings using raw technique, they promise a master class on creating a decorative pillowcase with flowers from wool.

Dates: from January 4
Price: from 1700 rub.
Address: Moscow, metro station “Rechnoy Vokzal”, Leningradskoe highway
Schedule and appointment by link

Amy renea

Workshop: Studio PastARTu
What: christmas cards, tea couple, retro posters, ceramic candlestick house
Dates: January 4, 6, 8
Price: from 2400 rub.
Address: Moscow, Kurskaya metro station, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya street
Schedule and appointment by link

April and the Bear

7. Go to a museum with a child and make a Christmas tree toy
Do not waste time and feel free to combine useful activities. So, for example, you can go to a museum and come out with a Christmas tree decoration of your own production.

Workshop: All-Russian Museum of Ductile Applied and Folk Art
What: creating a star on the tree and a ceramic decoration in the form of a gingerbread
Dates: January 3
Price: from 400 rubles
Address: Moscow, metro station “Tsvetnoy Bulvar”, Delegatskaya street
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Round board from the collection “Bread”, texture “Kolos”, light tone

8. Master classes for men
During the holidays, you can have time not only to beautifully design some item of your everyday life, but also to create it from scratch by going to serious carpentry courses.

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Workshop: Carpentry school at the Kristall plant
What: joinery for beginners, milling course, furniture decor with paints
Dates: from January 5
Price: from 8900 rub.
Address: Metro station “Kurskaya”, “Ploschad Ilyicha”, Kristall plant
Schedule and appointment by link

Becki peckham

9. For those who can do everything themselves
If the only thing that separates you from making a cabinet, wine rack or stool is the lack of space or tools, then you should definitely sign up for an open carpentry workshop. The workplace is rented on an hourly or weekly basis

Workshop: DIY Academy
What: any joinery
Dates: from January 6
Price: RUB 1000 in 3 hours
Address: Moscow, Dmitrovskaya metro station, Flacon design plant
Schedule and appointment by link

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