Vacation Ideas: Organize a winter picnic

10 важных моментов при обустройстве кухни на свежем воздухе

Sleepily wandering around the house and doing nothing is not our scenario for spending the holidays! We are categorically against winter apathy and suggest treating it with walks in the fresh air. Better yet, get together with family and friends for a winter picnic: with the right preparation, outdoor recreation will be no less comfortable than in summer.


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Place and time
Ideally, a picnic area should be located near your home: if you or your friends have a summer cottage, it is better to find a place near it so that children or frozen adults can warm up in the room at any time. If a heated summer cottage is not expected in the neighborhood, choose a site protected from the wind: it is easier to make and maintain a fire in a forest glade or in a lowland. In principle, it is better not to have picnics on a windy day – a minor minus is perceived as solid and you will not be able to spend even a couple of hours outdoors (with pleasure).

Advice: It is better to go on the road in the early morning – winter does not please us with long daylight hours.

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What to do in nature
A winter picnic does not involve several hours of reflection while walking in the forest: everything should unfold according to a previously thought out scenario. Take the children to a picnic – think of what outdoor games you will play with them (we suggest – a ball, a relay race, a ski race, orienteering with a search for treasures hidden in a snowdrift). After active classes, it will be especially pleasant to enjoy a hot lunch and herbal tea.

Advice: Don’t count on getting warm while driving – winter weather is changeable and the air temperature drops every hour. Bring yourself and your children a spare set of mittens, socks and even thermal underwear so that the picnic does not have to be rolled up ahead of time if someone gets wet.

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If you love photography, a winter picnic is a great excuse to have a family photo shoot in nature or watch the landscape transform under soft snowdrifts.

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Advice: Recharge your batteries as much as possible before leaving the house, and don’t forget to bring any chargers you can use in your car. Low temperatures will shorten battery life, so try not to leave your appliance in the cold unnecessarily.

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Summer outdoor recreation requires minimal equipment: as a rule, the blanket serves as both a tablecloth and a seat for the audience. You can’t sit on a snow-covered bench or a fallen tree trunk in winter.

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Tourist foams (karimats, isomats), which can be covered with blankets, will help. This saves you the hassle of clearing snow at the picnic site. Every vacationer must be given a piece of izolon with an elastic band, which is called “hoba” (in everyday life – a napopnik). This is a famous magic wand for mothers of young children who love to swing on a swing regardless of the season.

Advice: Optional, but very nice attributes of camping equipment that you might find useful:

  • everlasting lanterns (dynamo lights) – they work from how actively you turn the handle. The same, by the way, can be a phone charger.
  • headlamps;
  • winter insoles for shoes.

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How to carry supplies
To bring tea warm, and cognac cool, pour all the drinks that you are going to take with you into thermoses. For food, use thermal bags, do not be too lazy to at least wrap containers with ready-made dishes and ingredients with a terry towel.

Advice: In the morning before the picnic, cut all the portions of food and make preparations for future outdoor meals. You will not have the time and desire to cut cheese in a forest clearing. Even the meat for the soup is best cut at home.

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Campfire question
You will need more liquid for ignition than in summer. It is better to prepare firewood or buy it in advance – not every company has people willing to swing an ax. Small branches can also be used for lighting, but keep in mind that collecting them in winter is tedious, and the knots may be damp.

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Advice: If you suddenly find that the ideal campfire site is covered with a thick layer of snow, and no one has a shovel, use a regular cutting board – it will help you “dig out” in a matter of minutes.

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What will we fry
The winter menu is radically different from the summer one: fresh vegetables and light snacks are useful for a home party, and for a picnic in nature it is better to choose high-calorie recipes – rich soups and fried meat will help restore the energy that the body spends on heating.

The most common grill and most of the grill models also work flawlessly in winter as in summer. Marinate the meat the night before a picnic and bring it to the collection point in an airtight container. A good winter idea is to boil the broth and toast the bread over a live fire.

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Meat, fish or vegetables for vegetarians – grilling is as indispensable in winter as it is in summer. In the lines of major manufacturers there are portable grills that fit easily into the trunk of a car.

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Ceramics. Dishes.

Even if you safely take the tangerines to the picnic site, wrapping them in a blanket, the capricious citrus fruits will most likely freeze before you can eat them. The best winter dessert is slices of apples or marshmallows fried over the fire.

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What to drink
Choose hot fruit drink or tea from non-alcoholic drinks – they can also be brought in a thermos or prepared on site. Coffee is not the best choice for a winter picnic: caffeine reduces blood flow, and after a cup of aromatic drink, your hands and feet will quickly freeze.

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With alcoholic beverages, things are more complicated: doctors, in principle, do not advise drinking them in the cold. The warming effect of hard liquor is a dangerous myth: alcohol expands the surface vessels of the body and increases heat transfer. For a short time, you will indeed feel warmer, but with a long stay in the cold, you risk, on the contrary, getting hypothermia.

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The best option is to end your winter party with mulled wine in a warm room, from which you are not going to leave for the next few hours. If there is no friendly bath nearby where you can warm yourself, it is wiser to refuse alcohol altogether, or at least dose its amount.

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We’re setting the table
Resist the temptation to go on a picnic with budget disposable dishes: if you are going to cook broth and drink mulled wine, plastic glasses and plates will melt in your hands. As a last resort, look for an option made of thick cardboard. But dFor lunch in the fresh air, it is better to start a set of metal or earthenware dishes – the latter, in addition to strength, also has the property of keeping the dish hot for a long time.

For drinks, travel thermo mugs with a lid are suitable. Their outer surface does not heat up: even if the mug does not have a handle, the risk of getting burned from such dishes is almost zero.

Have you ever gone to a winter picnic? What did you cook? How were the necessary things transported? Share your life hacks and impressions in the comments

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