Prepared a memo for passengers who bought tickets to regions where coronavirus is actively spreading


The Russian government announced the restriction of air traffic with Italy, Germany, France and Spain. From March 13, all regular flights to these countries will be canceled, with the exception of flights from Sheremetyevo to Rome, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Madrid, Barcelona and Paris. Quarantine was established throughout Italy from March 10 to April 3 in order to combat the spread of the coronavirus, and in Israel, from March 12, a two-week quarantine was introduced for everyone arriving in the country.

The World Health Organization officially announced the coronavirus pandemic on March 11. This means that the rest in a number of countries will have to be postponed for a while.

Don’t worry, the money spent can be refunded: many airlines have already taken action and developed regulations for refunds and exchange of tickets without fines. The most important thing is to study the rules of the airlines and act in accordance with them.

How to issue a ticket refund

You can refund your ticket without a penalty due to the spread of the coronavirus only if the airline has canceled your flight or officially authorized the return of tickets for your flight. In the case of flights to Italy, Israel, Spain, Germany, China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, France and other regions in which outbreaks of the disease have been recorded, we recommend checking the flight status on the carrier’s website

If the flight is canceled, you will definitely receive an automatic notification from the airline or agency where you bought the tickets. The letter will tell you what to do next and how to get your money back.

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If you want to cancel the flight now, without waiting for the cancellation of the flight, and the carrier allows such a refund, create an application for an involuntary refund, and we will process it.

It is worth noting that under the current conditions, many airlines allow the exchange of a ticket within the current fare for a later date without additional payments.

A few specific examples

Aeroflot Airlines in the directions of Italy, Germany, France, Israel and Spain allows forced exchange for later dates without penalty. A forced return of the ticket is also allowed.

Pobeda Airlines cancels flights in these directions. Refunds for tickets will be carried out automatically, nothing is required from passengers. Exchange for alternative flights is not offered. Information about the refund will be sent to the passenger’s e-mail.

S7 Airlines for flights of these directions from March 10, 2020 to May 31, 2020, inclusive, allows a one-time forced exchange for later dates or ticket refunds.

For other destinations or departures after May 31, 2020, additional clarification will be required.

How to cancel or change a hotel or tour booking

Cancellation of reservations or changes in hotel or tour reservations are decided on an individual basis with each specific user and depends on the decision made by the accommodation facility or tour operator.

Please contact OneTwoTrip customer support if you would like to make any changes to or cancel your booking. If your hotel is free of charge cancellation, you can cancel your reservation in the “My Order” section of your personal account.

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