Sounds like a silly question with an obvious answer: skiing and snowboarding. But in fact, everything is much more interesting: firstly, skiing itself is far from being limited to descending the slopes, the main thing is not to be afraid to try new things, and secondly, in addition to snowboarding and skiing, modern resorts have a lot of additional opportunities for active recreation and entertainment. For example, the already well-known Russian resort “Gorki Gorod” this year underwent a rebranding and expansion, now it is called Krasnaya Polyana Resort, and a vacation there will impress even seasoned travelers! But first things first.

Skiing and snowboarding

As we said at the beginning, snowboarding and skiing are not only and not so much downhill skiing. The better you master the technique, the more different bright emotions you can get from skating, and it is never too late to learn and develop.

Krasnaya Polyana Resort has stunning routes for off-piste skiing: couloirs, breathtaking drops and fresh, thick snow await both experienced freeriders and those for whom it is new. Most importantly, do not forget to rent avalanche equipment and be sure to use the services of guides, as skiing on unfamiliar slopes without a knowledgeable person is very dangerous.

Photo: Krasnaya Polyana resort

This year, the resort will have new illuminated night trails and world-class snow parks, which also work not only during the day, but also after sunset. And most importantly, in addition to a series of professional line figures, there will be lines for beginners. Another novelty of the season will be a race zone with landmarks and professional timing, and for those who want to feel real extreme, a Freestyle school for skiers and snowboarders is open in winter.

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Photo: Krasnaya Polyana resort

After riding

The most important part of winter recreation with active sports should be a high-quality recovery. Especially if you flew to the resort directly from the office, because in this case, soreness and fatigue may not give you the maximum joy from your vacation. An evening in the spa center will cope best with this task: a massage will disperse the blood and relax the muscles, while the aromas of medicinal herbs and flowers, dim lights and calm music will erase the last thoughts about business and life from memory. What can we say about how pleasant it is in the winter in the mountains to take a steam bath in the sauna!

Photo: Krasnaya Polyana resort

Those who love freeriding and jumping should also take care of relieving stress from the spine, and swimming in the pool does a great job, especially if it is a pool overlooking the snow-capped mountains. Krasnaya Polyana Resort has a variety of spa centers where you can bring body and mind into harmony.

More things to do in the mountains in winter

Photo: Krasnaya Polyana resort

You can go to the mountains in winter at least for the sake of an incredible panorama of snow-capped peaks, surrounded by which you feel like a tiny grain of sand in the cycle of time, and from that you enjoy every moment more. But even these impressions can be made even sharper if you look at the mountains from a height, for example, racing on the highest and longest zipline in Russia, 1027 meters long! At the Gorky Fly amusement park, you can also ride the megastars over the abyss at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level! The courage will be rewarded with a unique view of the snow-capped mountain peaks and breathtaking photographs for memory.

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On Polyana 960, they offer to fulfill a childhood dream or have a romantic date and see the main Caucasian ridge from a bird’s eye view from under the balloon’s dome.

Photo: Krasnaya Polyana resort

For children and adults who do not mind reviving vivid emotions from childhood, there is a tubing zone at Polyana 960. This is a huge slide with ultra-modern inflatable cheesecakes that allow you to accelerate properly even on a slope with a slight incline. Sledding from the mountain on a tubing is not only a long ride with a breeze, but also a drag lift back to the starting point.

By the way, about families with children. Just because your kids are too early to go to ski school does not mean they have nothing to go to the ski resort for. At the Krasnaya Polyana Resort there are several children’s centers, developing playrooms, a creative workshop and even a “Legorod”, where children will be supervised while their parents ride. And also adults and children will definitely be delighted with communication with the sweetest and kindest dogs – Siberian huskies. In the husky center of the resort, guests will be told about the culture and traditions of the northern peoples and the friendship between people and dogs, and then they will ride through the snow-covered forest on a real dog sled!

Photo: Krasnaya Polyana resort

Also this year, the resort has built a large modern skate park. Concrete pool with street elements along the edges, designed by Swedish designer John Magnusson, its radius is suitable for skaters, BMX / MTB and roller skaters.

Photo: Krasnaya Polyana resort

And finally, we will surprise you with the fact that at the Krasnaya Polyana Resort there is a lecture hall all winter open and master classes and meetings with guides of the AGGR (Association of Mountain Guides of Russia) are held, interesting people who talk about mountains, sports, safety, hobbies and travel. And it’s completely free.

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In connection with such large-scale renovations, Krasnaya Polyana Resort is holding a “Relax and Ride” campaign, within the framework of which it gives ski passes when booking 4 and 5 stars hotels! The offer is valid when booking on the official website.