What to take with you on your trip and how to pack your luggage

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What to take with you on a trip and how to pack your luggage

When you are planning a trip, you ask yourself the questions: “What to take with you? How to pack it all better, and how to make sure that the most necessary things are always at hand? ” To do this, follow our advice, and you will not have to regret forgotten or spoiled things.

If you want to save money on your trip, try to pack all your belongings in one large suitcase. Most airlines allow free baggage allowance, consisting of 1 carry-on bag and 1 suitcase weighing up to 20-32 kg. If you have 2 suitcases, then for the second you will most likely be asked to pay extra. The rates and amount of the surcharge may vary – after all, each carrier company has its own rules.

Hand luggage and luggage.

It is advisable to divide all things into those that will travel in a large suitcase, and those that will lie in your bag at hand. Hand luggage can weigh up to 8 kg, so you can take everything you need with you in your bag: any gadgets, phones, chargers, laptops, cameras, hygiene products, water, food, medicines. Plan everything in advance so that later it suddenly turns out that you put the necessary medicines in a suitcase, which is already in the luggage compartment of the aircraft. Remember that on the plane you will be asked to turn off your phone. The laptop will also be in “airplane mode”. If you plan to travel by train, then there will be no restrictions on the use of the Internet on the way.

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You should not take cosmetics, lighters, any sharp objects (nail files, scissors, etc. manicure accessories), liquids with a volume of more than 100 ml, toys in the form of weapons, canned food in a bag with hand luggage. All this you will be asked to leave at customs inspection. For a snack, take a couple of sandwiches, chocolates, and candy. Large quantities of food are not allowed on board the aircraft. However, you can take any food and drinks purchased at Duty Free with you on the plane.

Documents and their photocopies.

Check if you have brought your passport, driver’s license, tickets, hotel reservation. Make photocopies of all documents just in case. When traveling, anything happens. You need to have copies of your passport, Russian passport, birth certificates of children with you if they are traveling with you. You can also take a photo of all documents on your phone, this can also come in handy in case of loss. Better yet, save all copies of documents to cloud drives (Yandex.Disk, Google.Disk, DropBox, etc.). Then you can access them from any device with an Internet connection.

Separation principle.

Pack all personal items that can somehow ruin your clothes in separate strong bags. For example, wrap shampoos, shower gels, toothpaste separately and put in the middle of the suitcase. The same unspoken rule applies to the products you want to take with you. This makes it less likely that on impact something will open inside and stain your belongings. It happens that the employees of railway stations and airports do not stand on ceremony with the luggage of travelers and just throw them in a big way when loading. It is necessary to provide for this option as well. Everything that can break and leak out, put in the middle of the suitcase – soft clothes around will act as a shock absorber!

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