You can learn more about the Rostov region at the region’s stand within the online exhibition “Know Ours: Summer-21”.

Tour operators of the Rostov region have prepared a democratic offer for tourists, which will allow them to get to know the region better and recharge the energy of the Volny Don.

You can learn more about the Rostov Region at the region’s stand as part of the Know Ours: Summer 21 online exhibition.

The most popular destination for city breaks is, perhaps, the South. And it starts from the Rostov region. There is no Kremlin, as in Rostov the Great, or palm trees, as in Sochi, but it has its own history and culture, the Sea of ​​Azov, a gastronomic component and hospitality.

The program of the city break “Weekend on the Free Don” includes a visit to several cities of the Rostov region, and we will tell you about each of them.


Rostov-on-Don is a city with taste, many people also call it “Rostov-papa”. But only legends and a couple of excursions remained here from the distant criminal past, and it was replaced by the infrastructure of the city participating in the World Cup and the title of “City of the Year” by the GQ gastronomic rating.

The start of the warm season is one of the best periods to visit Rostov-on-Don. The city fills with terraces of cafes and restaurants, the doors of aqua complexes open, and at sunset a special atmosphere of open air parties appears on the bar mile. Add to this the sights and architecture that tell of the city’s merchant past and get a great cocktail for at least a two-day stopover.

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Art. Starocherkasskaya

The symbol of freedom and the cradle of the Cossacks. There are no palaces here, but the foundation stones of the Military Resurrection Cathedral were filled with the hands of Peter the Great, and Russian emperors and grand dukes bowed their knees and prayed on the metal floor slabs. Tourists should come here not only to admire the gilded carved five-tiered handmade iconostasis or the shutters of the Azov fortress gates. It is worth going here in order to feel the very spirit of freedom and self-will of a unique sub-ethnos, to understand the original culture and enjoy excellent coffee at the Ryazanovs’ compound. Be sure to add to this trip the stunning nature of the Don river valley and local cuisine in the form of sturgeon balyk, baked carp, fish soup and the main seasonal delicacy – fried herring, and your tourists will definitely come back here again.


A city by the sea, a startup of Peter the Great, the birthplace of Chekhov and Ranevskaya. Walking around the center, in literally every quarter, tourists will find places associated with the history of these great people. Fani’s house, the Chekhov family’s shop, a gymnasium and a theater where the writer’s youth passed, and endless cozy streets, an embankment and an architectural pearl of the city – the Urban Planning and Life of Taganrog Museum, in the creation of which Vasnetsov and Vrubel participated. Inside – the history of the founding of the city, from the idea of ​​Peter I to create the capital of the Russian Empire on the cape to the present time. Add a yacht trip or a visit to the picturesque fishing area of ​​Bogudonia to add a thrill to your day at the seaside.

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The program of weekly city breaks can be viewed here. Tour operators did not load it with unnecessary excursions and offer the tourist himself to choose the format of the rest: a tour full of activities or acquaintance with the destination at his own pace – all wishes and additions will be taken into account in the final city break program ..

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