You can learn more about the Penza region at the region’s stand as part of the Know Ours: Summer 2021 online exhibition.

What should the tourist’s attention be paid to so that the most interesting does not slip away from his eyes? We will list several routes in the Penza region, as well as tell you about the top events planned here for 2021 – the Year of Cultural and Spiritual Heritage.

You can learn more about the Penza region at the region’s stand as part of the Know Ours: Summer 2021 online exhibition.

Memorials of writers and the crystal heart of Russia

There are many interesting cities in the region, where everything speaks of a rich history. Of course, first of all I would like to recommend the capital to tourists – Penza… It contains numerous architectural monuments of the 18th and 19th centuries, temples and monastic ensembles, sculptural complexes, monuments and entertaining art objects. Then you can go to Belinsky district – to the village of Lermontovo – and visit the State Lermontov Museum-Reserve “Tarkhany”. And in the city of Belinsky there is the only museum-estate of V.G.Belinsky in Russia.

The old village is also worth visiting Darling with the House-Museum of A.I. Kuprin. City Nikolsk called “The Crystal Heart of Russia.” And not in vain – it is here that the Museum of Glass and Crystal, which presents the best collection in Russia, awaits tourists. And it was in this city that they created crystal shoes for advertising the cartoon “Cinderella” commissioned by the Disney film studio. One of the oldest villages in the region – Abashevo – is located in Spassky district… It bears the status of the center of pottery.

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What to do in the Penza region

Cultural tourism. The region has a rich historical and cultural heritage, which includes memorial sites associated with historical events, with the life of prominent figures in culture, science, art, literature.

Business tourism. The visiting card of Penza is the largest congress and exhibition events that annually attract about 1.5 thousand people. Among them – the All-Russian forum InnoMed, the international conference of software developers Secon.

Health tourism. The Penza region is also rich in health resorts located in a picturesque area – on the banks of the Sura River, the Surskoe reservoir, in the middle of a century-old forest or ennobled forest-park zone.

Pilgrimage tourism. Popular routes among pilgrims are Solovtsovka and Bolshaya Valyaevka, Semikluchye, Narovchatsky Trinity-Scanov and Anthony-Theodosiev monasteries, Nizhnelomovsky Kazan and Kerensky Tikhvin monasteries.

Event tourism. The spring and summer seasons are rich in events: the exhibition “Tourism, Rest and Recreation”, the festival of jazz music Jazz May Penza, the Inclusive International Festival of Creativity and Handicraft “Kanitel” and other events are held here.

What is the Penza region preparing for tourists in 2021

An interesting project “Bright weekend in the Volga region” has appeared, within the framework of which you can visit a particular city, and Penza is among the participants in the project.

Also, this year has been declared in the region as the Year of Cultural and Spiritual Heritage – more than 80 interesting events await travelers who come here. This is the Lermontov Festival of Poetry, and the III Interregional Literary Festival “Belinskaya Spring”, dedicated to 210th anniversary from the birthday of V. G. Belinsky, and others.

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And the main events of the current year are considered to be the III International Exhibition “Tourism, Rest and Recreation” and the XIII All-Russian Summer Rural Sports Games.

For the convenience of vacationers this year the Avangard, Continent and Izmailova hostels have opened their doors.

The main excursion objects of the direction

We list only a small part of the objects that were not mentioned above and which are definitely worth visiting for your tourists during their holidays in the Penza region.

  • The only one-painting museum in the world. G. V. Myasnikova
  • Penza Picture Gallery named after K. A. Savitsky
  • The country’s first house-museum of V.O. Klyuchevsky
  • Center for theatrical art “House of Meyerhold”
  • The only museum and estate of A.N. Radishchev in the country (Kuznetsk district)
  • Trinity-Scanov Convent and Scanov Cave Monastery (Narovchatsky District)
  • Sculptural park “Legend” (Mokshansky district)

How to get there

It is convenient to come to the capital of the region both by train and by plane and private car. The federal highway M-5 “Ural” Moscow – Chelyabinsk, the highway R-158 Nizhny Novgorod – Saratov, and the highway R-209 Penza – Tambov pass through the territory of the region. And in 2020, the R-207 highway was included in the list of federal highways.

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