Why you should add Macau to your next travel itinerary

July 16, 2021
author:Evgeny Losev
a place:China, Macau
Why you should add Macau to your next travel itinerary
Why you should add Macau to your next travel itinerary
Why you should add Macau to your next travel itinerary

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Besides gambling and casino games, Macau prides itself on being one of the most challenging travel destinations in the world. With an annual estimate of nearly 30 million visitors, Macau firmly holds its place on the map as an attractive last stop among the world’s top destinations. What’s more, its proximity to both Hong Kong and Shenzhen city makes it worth a visit for your Far East day trip.
Macau is a former Portuguese colony and one of the two prominent administrative states of the Chinese government. It is mainly a gambling center and the largest casino in the world. Macau, the gambling capital of the world, boasts dozens of land-based casinos and great places to stay. Here are some reasons why you should consider Macau on your next travel itinerary.
1. A rich fusion of cultures
Macau, a former Portuguese colony, is a mixture of two cultures. These are Portuguese and Chinese cultures. This blended cultural heritage allows you to learn more about the fusion of Western and Eastern cultures.
In addition, almost a million people visit the island all year round. This makes it a meeting point for multicultural people, as people from different cultures from all over the world gather here to explore some of its best attractions and adventures.
Macau also provides you with a great opportunity to experience the different cultures of the world and make new acquaintances through organized events and cultural shows. One of the most exciting cultural experiences you can look forward to is the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations. Various world-class concerts showcasing Western pop culture are also regularly held in Macau.
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2. This is the side of excellent cuisines
Macau is best known for its Macan cuisine, which combines Chinese and Portuguese ingredients and culinary skills. If you are a traveler looking to enjoy the perfect culinary fusion of two worlds, be sure to try this cuisine. Along with the Macan cuisine, you will also find some basic Portuguese products such as sardines and churico.
Other foods from places Portuguese explorers visited en route to Macau, such as Africa and India, are also available in this highly diverse region. Macau also has excellent street corner cafes and fine dining restaurants complementing its unique culinary fusion. From the famous sweet custard pies to charcoal grilled seafood, you can taste whatever suits your appetite. Just don’t forget two local favorites: Egg Macanese Pie and Dim Sum.
3. The thrill of endless outdoor fun
Macau may be known for its rich gambling culture, but its unique outdoor seating is a delightfully serene escape from the hustle and bustle of urban areas. With a variety of hiking trails, fantastic island landscapes and sleepy villages, Macau offers the opportunity to relax and enjoy one of the best leisurely activities.
All you have to do is make sure you are ready to travel and all that is worth considering for the perfect trip is well in place. This way, your trip to some of Macau’s best destinations, such as Coloan Island, scenic hills and natural valleys, will be more rewarding. Alternatively, you can go hiking or some of Macau’s well-groomed trails and get the most out of the laid-back outdoor activities.
Moreover, your outdoor activities will be incomplete if you do not visit exciting places like the Cotai Strip. Here, a Venetian Macau gondola ride will enhance your Venetian experience. Likewise, watch out for two pandas at the Panda Pavilion at Sik Pai Wan Park. The giant pandas Kai Kai and Xin Xin live here.
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4. Great shopping
Macau is the ideal destination for you if you are planning a luxury shopping trip away from home. It is home to some of the world’s leading fashion and lifestyle brands ranging from jewelry, cosmetics, apparel and more.
If you are a traveler looking for a more traditional city in the Far East for family shopping, Macau should be one of the places worth adding to your itinerary. There are interesting places in this region such as Rua da Tersena street, where there are excellent places for walking and shopping. There are also other hidden spots at Macau International Airport on Taipa Island where you can shop at the last minute.
What’s more, you can shop under one roof at duty-free shops in some of Macau’s best shopping malls. You will also have better enjoyment as Macau is relatively easy to navigate thanks to its excellent transport network.
5. Adventure on the ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral
The ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral are probably one of the reasons why most people love to travel around Macau. It has been considered Macau’s most famous tourist attraction for years for its excellent sighting experience. One of the main reasons why the ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral are famous among tourists in Macau is its proximity to some of the best shopping and entertainment streets. This main attraction is just minutes from Senado Square, which means you won’t have to navigate the difficult trails.
Better yet, the Ruins of St. Paul is great for all visitors to see from afar. These ruins, which are just the facade of an old missionary church, are always completely packed with visitors from different places. You will undoubtedly enjoy taking selfies in front of the burnt-out ruins to cement your shared adventure. Also, don’t worry about missing out on this excellent Makan cuisine as it is available in abundance here.
Despite being known as a gambling hub, Macau still has a lot to offer the typical traveler looking for the perfect getaway away from home. Great thrills, action packed adventure and many other exciting discoveries make Macau the place to go on your next vacation. However, be sure to visit the region from October to March when the rainy season is over and the days are warm enough.

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