Snow is not at all a reason to give up your favorite sport if it is considered summer. On the contrary, in winter it’s time to reconsider your habits and do something new and unusual. Than, we tell below.

1. Aiscarting

Ice kart racing – in other words, aiscarting – only looks frighteningly extreme. This sport is considered to be close to cycling in terms of safety. Therefore, even teenagers are allowed to participate in the races. If their height, of course, is above 140 cm, and a helmet is worn on their head. Competitors compete in speed or filigree performance of all kinds of turns. Unlike ordinary go-karting, the track of which requires serious preparation, ice races can take place on almost any frozen body of water – this probably explains the great popularity of this sport in Finland.

Photo: Winter Equestrian Polo

2. Winter equestrian polo

Like any sport that involves horses, winter equestrian polo is beautiful to say the least. However, they say that horses are not just involved, they are sometimes as addicted to the game as a person. And the ball hitting the goal from the horse’s hoof counts. The only difference between winter equestrian polo and regular polo is the color and size of the ball. It is brighter and larger. The most popular winter equestrian polo competitions are held in Kitzbühel, Megeve, Aspen and Cortina d’Ampezzo. And the most important tournament is held annually in Switzerland, on the ice of Lake St. Moritz.

Photo: Snowkiting

3. Snowkiting

The founder of snowkiting is Dieter Strazilla, who was the first in the 1970s who decided to combine skis and a kite (kite), which works in this bundle as a tractor. A modern kite is a one and a half kilogram mini parachute, which is controlled with 4-5 lines up to 30 meters long. Snowkites compete in several disciplines: freeride (free riding), flying (soaring with a kite), racing (long and difficult distance rides). Snowkiting came to Russia in 1997, but is quickly gaining popularity among fans of extreme sports. Competitions are held in Togliatti at the festival of active recreation “Zhiguli Sea”, near Nizhny Novgorod, in the Murmansk region and other regions.

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Photo: Brumbol

4. Broomball

If we take into account what exactly is used as sports equipment when playing broomball, then this activity should be called, rather, not sports, but entertainment. Broomball is a team game reminiscent of hockey. However, the participants do not go out on the ice in skates, but in special shoes, and use brooms instead of clubs.

Photo: Ice Climing

5. Ice Climing

Climbing has never been an activity for weaklings, and ice climbing – climbing steep icy slopes – requires even more strength, courage and additional concentration of attention. Blocks of ice, no matter how huge they are, only seem solid. Frozen waterfalls are considered the most favorite “tracks” of ice climbers or ice climbers. In our country – for example, in the North Caucasus and Crimea.

Photo: Ski bike

6. Riding a ski bike

If you think that in any weather you should only ride a bike, then the ski bike option for the winter is just for you. Everything is as usual – a frame, a handlebar, a saddle, a wheel or a structure of several wheels at the back, and a ski in front. The unit is driven by tracked traction. They say that on it you can not only drive along snowy roads, but also overcome snow-covered hills.

Photo: Skijoring

7. Skijoring

If you attach not a sled, but a skier to the back of the sled with sled dogs, you get a skijoring. The skier-racer is attached to one or two dogs with a special shock-absorbing cord and moves in a free style. In this case, the athlete does not go in tow, but moves with the help of sticks – the dogs set the speed. Sled racing in general and skijoring in particular are popular in all northern countries of the world, including Russia. Competitions are held not only in the regions traditional for this type of movement – in Chukotka or Kamchatka – but even in the Leningrad region and the Moscow region. If only there was snow. Sometimes competitions are also called snjoring, when the skier is attached not to dogs, but to a deer, horse with a rider or a snowmobile.

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Photo: Ice diving

8. Ice diving

Perhaps the most beautiful place for ice diving can be considered Baikal. In January, the ice on the lake is only 10-20 centimeters thick, and the thickest (up to 120 centimeters) and transparent ice is in March. However, Baikal never freezes completely: ice does not form at the source of the Angara. Ice diving requires serious preparation. But those who dare to take it, open up pictures of unprecedented beauty: ice, like mirror, hummocks form underwater labyrinths in which algae, fish and mammals live. A meeting with a seal is not excluded – be prepared.