December in Europe is one of the funniest months of the year: holidays and carnivals, Christmas markets, vacations and, of course, winter sales. Europeans consider winter discounts to be the most profitable and prefer to buy shoes and outerwear at Christmas sales, when prices are down by 70-80%.

We will tell you about the largest shopping centers in Europe, which are suitable for those who do not have time for thoughtful shopping, and who want to be in time. There are several hundred shops in each of these centers. In all countries, most of them are popular European brands – from luxury Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Dior to democratic H&M, Mango, Gap, Uniqlo. Local brands of clothing, footwear and goods occupy 20 to 60 stores.

1. Les Quatre Temps, Paris, France

This center is located in the La Defense business district in the west of Paris. Les Quatre Temps is the largest shopping center in France. On four floors there are 230 shops, 40 restaurants, cinemas, children’s rooms and free underground parking for 6,500 spaces. About 45 million people shop here every year, most of them visit the center during the winter and summer sales. In addition to clothing, footwear, equipment and accessories stores, Les Quatre Temps is famous for its huge toy store and 20 French brand children’s clothing stores.

Opening hours: shops are open from 10 to 20 every day, cinemas from 9 to 23, supermarkets from 9 to 22.
How to get there: by car on the A14 and A86 or by metro, RER line A, stop La Défense.
Winter discounts in France: from January 10 to February 20, 2018.

Photo: Centro Comercial Puerto Venecia

2. Centro Comercial Puerto Venecia, Zaragoza, Spain

Puerto Venecia is a group of buildings built in 2012 around an artificial lake. Hundreds of boats and several river trams go from one bank to the other. Most of the stores are European mass market, Spanish clothing and footwear brands and about 20 Spanish designer boutiques. In addition to 220 stores, the center has a cinema, an amusement park, a climbing center, a swimming pool and a go-kart area. And on Valentine’s Day, a chapel is erected in the main building of Puerto Venecia, where you can get married for free.

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Opening hours: from 10 am to 10 pm from Monday to Saturday.
How to get there: by buses 31 and C4 from the city center or by car on the Z40 or Z30 roads.
Winter discounts in Spain: from January 7 to March 7, 2018.

Photo: Intu Trafford Center

3. Intu Trafford Center, Manchester, UK

Intu Trafford has an ideal location and a wide range of products. 35 million people visit it every year. It is especially popular during winter sales – in almost all 280 stores, from luxury boutiques to hardware stores and mass markets, goods are sold at a 50-70% discount. And in the largest stores of British brands – Marks and Spencer, Selfridges and Debenhams discounts reach 80%. There are many attractions in the center: mini golf courses, a huge food court with 60 restaurants, cinemas. In December, the Trafford Center is festively decorated, there is an ice rink on the ground floor, and Christmas sweets and mulled wine are sold on the main alley.

Opening hours: on weekdays from 10 to 23, on Saturday from 10 to 22, on Sunday from 12 to 18.
How to get there: by car on the M60 motorway or by buses X50 and 250.
Winter discounts in the UK: from December 26, 2017 to the end of January 2018.

Photo: Arkadia

4. Arkadia, Warsaw, Poland

Arcadia, with 200 shops, is the largest shopping center in Poland. It is located near the city center and is easy and quick to get to. In addition to the European giants of the mass market, there is an excellent children’s clothing store Smyk and a multi-brand German store Peek & Cloppenburg, with low prices and excellent quality. On the ground floor there are dozens of hardware stores. On the second – furniture, goods for goods and clothing, most of the brands here are Polish. From entertainment in Arcadia there is a food court, restaurants, cinemas, a sports club, a children’s room.

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Working hours: from Monday to Saturday from 10 to 22 hours, on Sunday from 10 to 21 hours.
How to get there: by buses 205, 409, 500 and 510, trams 1, 16, 17, 22, 27 and by metro, the nearest station is Dworzec Gdanski.
Winter discounts in Poland: from January 2 to mid-February 2018.

Photo: CentrO

5. CentrO, Oberhausen, Germany

This shopping center is located close to the border with Belgium and the Netherlands. There are 220 stores on two floors, among which there are many excellent hardware stores, several large department stores (the best of which is Galeria Kaufhof), about twenty American brands and hundreds of European clothing, footwear and accessories stores. Lots of luxury and designer boutiques. In the very center there are cinemas, restaurants, bars, parking for 14,000 cars and even a huge Christmas market. And very close to CentrO there are Oberhausen Castle, a water park, Sea Life aquarium and Centro Park amusement park.

Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm.
How to get there: on highway 42, by tram 112 or by buses SB91, SB92, SB93, SB96, 185, 939, 953.
Winter discounts in Germany: there are no exact dates, they start after Catholic Christmas and last until the end of January.

Photo: Wijnegem

6. Wijnegem, near Antwerp, Belgium

This three-story mall next to Antwerp is famous for its shoe stores: Italian and French boutiques, independent designers from Belgium and the Netherlands, dozens of sneaker stores and professional athletic shoes. In addition, the center has many stores of technology, children’s clothing and household goods. Most of the stores are mid-price brands, there are few mass markets, as well as luxury brands. From entertainment there are restaurants, swimming pool, cinemas. In December, the center will hold master classes for children and adults next to the main Christmas tree.

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Working hours: from Monday to Saturday from 9 to 20.
How to get there: from Antwerp by tram 5 or 10 or by buses 410, 411 and 412.
Winter discounts in Belgium: from 3 to 31 January 2018.

Photo: Zuidplein

7. Zuidplein, Rotterdam, Netherlands

This shopping center is located next to the train station in the city center. It is divided into three large sections: the first one contains shops with clothes, footwear and jewelry, the second one – children’s stores and household goods, the third one – furniture, carpets and appliances. Most of the brands are democratic brands from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. Many stores start sales even before the start of winter discounts – in early December, discounts often go up to 20-40%. In December, there are performances for children, a carousel and a Christmas market on the ground floor.

Working hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 9 to 18.30, Sunday and Monday from 12 to 17.
How to get there: there are shuttles to the shopping center every hour from Rotterdam Central Station.
Winter discounts in the Netherlands: from mid-December to late February.

Photo: Colombo Centro Commercial

8. Colombo Centro Commercial, Lisbon, Portugal

Colombo Center is the largest in the Iberian Peninsula. Portugal has the lowest taxes in Western Europe, which is why the prices in stores are quite low. And during sales, the cost becomes even more attractive. Colombo has 340 shops, 60 cafes and restaurants, cinemas, a bowling alley and an amusement park with roller coasters. The most favorite store for children is the Disney Store, where you can buy a princess or superhero outfit. In addition to European luxury and mass market, there are 60 shops of Portuguese brands of clothing, shoes and bags.

Opening hours: from 9 to 24 seven days a week.
How to get there: by buses 703, 729, 750, 764, 765, 767, 799 or by metro to Colégio Militar / Luz station.
Winter discounts in Portugal: from December 26, 2017 to the end of February 2018.

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