With the world on the idea: How to equip a small apartment?

Маленькая квартира: Действительно новые идеи ее «увеличения»

A couple of tens of square meters for life there is no reason to become a pessimist: the smaller the apartment, the more actively the imagination works in its arrangement. We’ve collected decorative and practical small apartment design ideas from a range of projects that appear on Houzz around the world every day. The problem of closeness, zoning and functional use of square meters is familiar to residents of different countries. VPerhaps their experience will help you find your ideal solution?

Michael K Chen Architecture

USA: Movable zoning
Moving walls are increasingly appearing in small apartments: thanks to mini-rails, they easily change location, and transformation does not require any physical effort. In our American example, such a wall separates the living room from the bedroom. During the day, the lift bed can be stowed away in the closet and maximize the living area. By the way, TV screens are built-in on both sides of the partition, so you can watch news or movies while lying down or in the company of friends.

Houzz USA: Five rooms in one with a movable wall

Géraldine Laferté

France: Living Room Matryoshka
In a small apartment, there is often no way to allocate a full-fledged room for the living room, so it becomes part of the common space. In this case, the matryoshka principle comes to the rescue, as in our example from France: a black coffee table, if necessary, hides under the sofa, and additional seats under the coffee table.

Houzz France: Studio for a female student on 18 square meters

Fredric Boukari Photography

Sweden: Behind a glass partition
Deep down, no one likes folding sofas, and it is because of the lack of a bed that the owners of small-sized odnushki… One of the simple solutions is to take the bed to the podium, and use its interior as a roomy wardrobe for clothes, a vacuum cleaner or sports equipment. Safety will be ensured by a glass partition, as in our Swedish example. However, keep in mind that sleeping under the ceiling is always hotter and more stuffy.


Russia: Less partitions
Alternative scenario mount a light open rack between the bedroom and living room areas, ideally all the way to the ceiling. It will not take up much space, but several shelves will appear for your favorite accessories at once.

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Houzz Tour: Aesthetics of a 40 square meter loft

Gommez-Vaëz Architecte

France: Secrets of working with color
For the design of small spaces, it is usually advised to use light shades, but this is not an axiom. Dark tones create a sense of intimacy in the interior, not cramped – TAn apartment will become natural only if you force it with unnecessary furniture or cannot find the optimal configuration for it.

True, saturated and dark shades must also be used carefully; afraid to overdo it – vSelect one accent wall for the color, so the space will have additional visual volume.

Start from scratch: How to decorate walls in a rented apartment

Lourdes Gabriela Interiors

USA: Full Wall Mirror
Small rooms usually want to visually move apart, and no one has yet come up with a better instrument than a mirror. Correct interior detail – ToA full-wall reflective surface, as in the photo from our American project. But with a mirror on a narrow wall, you will have to be more careful: there is a risk of stretching the space to an undesirable resemblance to a carriage.

The Universal Soldier: The Challenges of the Interior Mirror


Japan: Inner window
The window opening, which is located not on the outer, but on the inner wall, solves the problem of insolation in a small apartment and eliminates the psychological feeling of isolation in small rooms. By the way, such an opening can be supplemented with a window sill, which will serve as a small desk or bookshelf.

Distribution Window: Atavism or New Trend?

Design Bureau ESSE Design & Decoration

Russia: Screen for zoning
Screen in the interior not only a timeless solution that does not go out of fashion, but also a budget analogue of any transformer systems. Disassembled, it actually divides the room into two parts, when folded takes up almost no space anywhere in the corner.

Let It Hang: Unexpected Ways to Use Your Screen

hoo Interior Design & Styling

Hong Kong: Looking for a window sill application
Window sills should not be neglected in a small apartment. they make excellent desks, dressing tables or additional sofas (if the windowsill is low). In the kitchen, it makes sense to continue the countertop on the windowsill: this simple technique sometimes allows you to almost double the area of ​​the working surface.

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Life on the windowsill: From shop to observatory


Germany: Stove with two burners
In conditions of a lack of space, it is worth revising the ergonomics of the kitchen, especially if the family does not want to spend half a day at the stove. Two burners are enough to fry scrambled eggs and make coffee, and the freed space on the countertop can be used with household appliances or even freed up what if you still want to cut a salad for dinner?

Julia Piskareva / YOLO bureau

Russia: Use a balcony and accordion doors
Balcony or loggia in the room several square meters, which can be decisive in the fight against crowding. However, attaching it to the living space is long and troublesome. If you are not ready for redevelopment, pay attention to the accordion doors: when open, they do not create a boundary between the room and the balcony. It, in turn, can be used for any purpose. – nFor example, equip an office or lounge area. The main thing is not to forget to insulate the balcony around the perimeter.

Houzz Tour: Studio Apartment with Lingonberry Field for Mr. Rabbit

Silvana citterio

Italy: Extreme Transformations
Architects, it seems, never cease to amaze us with the ability to compactly organize the environment. Take, for example, an extreme example from Italy: the dining area stands here almost on a kitchen set.

Silvana citterio

Don’t you cook? Close the lid and a sink with a work surface will hide under it. Need to use the kitchen? Flip open the lid and it’s at your service. By the way, in order not to look for additional space for knives and spices, they were fixed on the inner surface of the lid.

Architecture Architecture

Australia: Books and Clothes Together
How do you combine a bookcase, small storage and storage system into one compact design? Taking inspiration from an idea from Australia: shallow storage fits into a niche, with dedicated sections for each purpose. To prevent books and clothes from gathering dust, the closet can be closed with a curtain.

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Houzz Australia: Life is like a miracle on 24 square meters

Nadja Endler | Photography

Sweden: Bedroom behind the curtain
Textiles are generally indispensable in matters of zoning. If your task to isolate oneself from the main space not so much physically as psychologically, hide the bedroom behind a light textile tent. To do this, you need to mount a cornice or rail on the ceiling, on which the curtain will walk freely.

Thanks to the typical Scandinavian design white finish, this multi-functional room does not look overwhelmed.

New Look at Window Decor: Some Unusual Ways to Hang Curtains

Julie Nabucet Architectures

France: Bed under the catwalk
We are almost accustomed to raised beds, under which storage systems or even an office area are hidden, but you can work with space from the opposite roll the bed under the podium. The strong point of the reception: you do not have to look for additional ventilation methods, and in general, sleeping closer to the floor is somehow more familiar. Weak side: the bed will have to be hidden under the podium every day, and when disassembled, it may not leave any room for passage at all.

Layout ideas: 9 catwalk roles besides the most obvious

Neslihan Pekcan / Pebbledesign

Turkey: Revealing the Inner Potential of Items
Storage the main headache for owners of small sizes, and if it is possible to select separate cabinets or shelves for clothes and books, then it is usually more difficult with household trifles. In fact, coffee tables, poufs and banquets have huge potential: if each of these items are equipped with an inner drawer, the storage space will increase by several cubic meters.


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